Larry Elder Gets Egg Thrown At Him By White Liberal In Gorilla Suit

Larry Elder, a Republican candidate who plans to replace California Governor Gavin Newsom in the recall election, was attacked while walking through a Venice Beach neighborhood.

Elder was walking down a Venice neighborhood; then, all of the sudden, a liberal activist wearing a gorilla suit threw an egg at Elder’s head. Fortunately, the egg missed Elder’s head and he was able to get inside of his vehicle before the situation escalated.

One of the men believed to be part of Elder’s security team addressed the person wearing the gorilla suit who appeared to be a woman; however, before Elder’s security person was able to even say a word, she punched him.

After the member of Elder’s security detail was attacked, a mob of other activists swarmed the security officer and he was eventually hit in the face with an egg.

Here’s the moment it all went down:

Liberal Hypocrisy, at this Point, is Pathetic

Just last month, the LA Times wrote a hit piece that called Larry Elder a white supremacist. However, the LA Times is silent when a white liberal dressed up in a gorilla suit throws an egg at Elder.

If Elder was a Democrat and was attacked by a conservative, then this would be front page of the LA Times; however, since Elder isn’t a Democrat, this is a non-story in the liberal news cycle.

Venice Beach, the place Larry Elder was visiting, was once a beautiful scenic place to go on vacation. However, the last decade of Democrat leadership has turned the city into a homeless camp that is filled with drugs and violence. Most homeowners in the area cannot go a day without having people sleep in front of their homes or businesses.

The Entire Democrat Political Machine is Gunning For Larry Elder

The entire Democrat Party is in fear that the next governor of California could be a Republican. Most Californians are fed up with Newsom’s lack of transparency and ruling the state as an authoritarian.

To keep the authoritarian in power though, Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and countless other high-profile Democrats are campaigning on Newsom’s behalf.

Obama recently put out an ad that praised Newsom for his COVID-19 response; Obama then went on to say if Elder is in control of California, the state would go backwards in their fight against COVID-19.

Obama literally held a birthday party where hundreds of people from around the country flocked into a tent without masks. So, it appears Obama’s worries about COVID-19 are just a political stance and not an actual conviction of his.

Kamala Harris spoke at Newsom’s rally in California yesterday. During her arrival, she was welcomed by some protestors holding an Afghanistan flag. It appears the protestors wanted to remind Harris that she was silent during the Afghanistan withdrawal, yet super involved when it comes to campaigning for a fellow Democrat.