Latinos Abandon Democrats for GOP, Leftist Media Cries Bloody Murder

A growing number of Latino and Hispanic Americans are abandoning the Democrat Party in favor of the Republicans.

Their mass exodus from the Democratic electorate caused the leftist mainstream media to literally cry bloody murder.

Hispanics Don’t Want to Be ‘LatinX’, 74 Pronouns, and Tsunami of Illegals

The leftist alarmism over exacerbating losses of Latino and Hispanic voters has been underpinned in recent days by public opinion polls.

These polls are demonstrating what has now been labeled by the mainstream media as a political realignment occurring “once in a generation.”

At the same time, the GOP is increasingly becoming attractive to growing numbers of voters from different ethnic groups attracted by its greater level of honesty, or at least a lower level of political hypocrisy.

A more working-class, multiracial Republican Party is now building upon that momentum to “turn the tide” in swing electoral districts which were held by Democrats.

The report emphasizes that while just back in 2018, the Democrat Party had a 47-point advantage among Hispanic voters in the midterms, it is now “statistically tied” with the Republicans.

Fox News itself quotes Giancarlo Sopo, who is of Cuban origin and associated with the 2020 Trump campaign. He says today’s Hispanic voters just don’t have anything in common with woke, white Democrats.

He notated they “want to prosper,” instead of taking pride in having “74 different pronouns,” claiming false victimhood over 1492, or being labeled “Latinx.”

Democrats ‘Prostituting’ the Hispanic Vote

The Axios report admits people of color have suffered tremendously from skyrocketing crime caused by woke Democrats’ push for defunding the police.

Hispanics living along the southern border are just as opposed as the Republican Party to unhinged, mass-scale illegal immigration allowed by the Biden administration and promoted by the likes of AOC.

Because of all that, Sopo notes, Democrats are trying to “woke shame” Hispanics “into submission,” but the latter just “aren’t buying it.”

Last week, the far-left New York Times even published an article lamenting the “rise” of what it called “the far-right Latina.”

The Times was seemingly appalled by the recent electoral success of GOP Rep. Mayra Flores of Texas. She has become the first Mexican-born woman to be a member of the US House of Representatives.

The NYT was appalled also by two other GOP Hispanic women running for office, Cassy Garcia and Monica De La Cruz.

Taking it even further down the slope of the dark side, this week, CNN posted a Hitler-and-Stalin-style article. Its writer, Raul Reyes, claimed Garcia, De La Cruz, and Flores are simply “not real” Latinas, simply because they refuse to be woke, communist Democrats.

Meanwhile, a group linked to George Soros has been trying to buy Radio Mambi, a Spanish-language conservative radio station in Florida, causing many of its staffers to quit.

Dania Alexandrino, one of its now former hosts, explained Democrats have been “prostituting” the Hispanic vote, discarding it right after the elections.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.