Lawmakers Plans to End China Buying American Farmland

Did you know Chinese agricultural businesses with direct links to the CCP have obtained a large number of acres of American farmlands?

It’s true, according to Politico. As of 2020, Chinese nationals have close to 192,000 acres in their control. The 192,000 acres have a value close to $1.9 billion, which has one lawmaker putting his foot down and saying that’s enough.

Republican Rep. Dan Newhouse previously penned an amendment to Bill H.R.4356 that would ultimately disallow American adversaries from purchasing farmland in the United States.

Newhouse believes China’s game plan is to buy up more farmland in order to influence America’s food supply. This would ultimately give China the power to create a food shortage at a moment’s notice.

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Newhouse’s amendment has already been well received. The House Agricultural Appropriations Committee approved the amendment, but now, it will face the House and eventually the Senate.
It will be interesting to see if the amendment gets passed, but due to the fact many politicians have Communist China’s backing, the amendment might not fly through Congress so easily.
China would not be the only country banned from buying farmland within the United States; Iran, North Korea, and Russia would also be on that list.
States like Texas have recently been in the news for allowing a Chinese billionaire (who was previously a member of the Chinese Liberation Army) to buy up over 15,000 acres in the Longhorn State.
Billionaire Sun Guangxin spent close to $110 million on land in Texas to build a huge wind farm. Yet, eventually, his plan of building the wind farm was thwarted after lawmakers banned the project from happening.
The land Guangxin bought had an airstrip on it and was located close to a United States military base in Val Verde. This raises questions of why was he even allowed to buy the land in the first place. It was clear he was a member of the CCP and just doing China’s bidding.

China’s Not the Only One to Worry About

Billionaire Bill Gates has the most farmland owned by any individual with over 240,000 acres that stretches across 19 states. It’s reported Gates grows crops on his farmland and even has a potato contract with McDonald’s.


On a lot of the farms, he is conducting experiments with soils, seeds, and livestock.


If Newhouse’s new amendment gets passed, then Americans will still have to worry about billionaires and real estate companies stashing up all of American’s farmland and essentially controlling the United States’ food supply.
If you can control a person’s food, then you can control the population. Land will be the greatest commodity in years to come because there will hardly be any places left that the large corporations and elite haven’t snatched up.