Lefties Go Crazy as DeSantis Teaches Kids about Evil of Communism

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ quest to expose the evil of Marxism-Communism to K-12 students in his state is a development for which NBC News anchor Chuck Todd accused him of “politicizing” history and education.

DeSantis Made Efforts to Expose Communist Dystopia

In May 2022, Florida’s popular Republican governor signed a law to declare a Victims of Communism Day on November 7, a state holiday, and to require that students in his state learn about the horrors of Marxism-Communism.

This is the biggest mass murderer in history, as it has exterminated over 100 million human beings. The Florida governor’s efforts to beat back Marxism-Communism seem highly important, as today’s America is facing a double communist threat.

It’s from the outside by Communist China, its partner, dictatorial Russia, and from the inside: the woke Democrats and their street goons, Antifa.

Ron DeSantis has not even hinted that he plans to run in the 2024 White House race. Yet, he has recently been making out-of-state trips to places such as early-voting Iowa and Nevada that seem like steps of laying the groundwork for a presidential campaign.

There have been reports that DeSantis plans to announce his 2024 presidential candidacy in May after the Florida legislature’s session has codified more of his initiatives into law.

It was remarked that the popular GOP governor, over the weekend and during a speech in Las Vegas, Nevada, touted the Victims of Communism Day that irritated pro-Marxist mainstream media figures.

‘Going Out of His Way’ Accusations

The most notable example is NBC News anchor Chuck Todd.

In Sunday’s edition of the program “Meet the Press,” Todd practically accused Ron DeSantis of resorting to a “politicization” of history by seeking to teach Florida’s children about the evils of communism.

In his Nevada address, DeSantis emphasized how Florida had become the first state in the nation to establish a day to honor the victims of Marxism-Communism, The Daily Wire reported.

DeSantis vowed that his administration would “tell the truth” about “Marxism” and “Leninsm.” Todd, however, seemed indignant that a Republican governor was talking about the evils of communism.

He put forth his own “credentials” as someone who grew up attending “Florida public schools.” The NBC host argued “we were taught this” about communism, but “it was called history.”

Implying that there was no need for a day to honor the victims of communism or to teach children about it, Todd described DeSantis’s honest quest to crack down on the spread of evil as “weird politicizing.”

He even said the Florida Republican was “going out of his way” to achieve the “politicization” of history.

When the mainstream pro-communist left starts crying foul, it is a fair guess that it has encountered a major threat to the realization of its anti-American agenda – in this case, seemingly in the face of Ron DeSantis.


This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.