Leftist Actress Reveals Who She Faults For Climate Change

Climate change is something Democrats can’t seem to quit talking about. They claim it’s an existential crisis that will bring about the death of humanity if swift action isn’t taken to get a hold of it.

It is for this reason that Democrats support nuking gas stoves, doing away with cars powered by gas, and even potentially implementing climate lockdowns.

On numerous occasions, Republicans have pointed out that many of the climate change initiatives favored by Democrats are either economically disadvantageous or otherwise harmful to society at large.

In spite of this, left-wing actress Jane Fonda just finished sounding off against the folks she deemed to be most responsible for climate change, as Fox News documented.

Pointing the Finger at White Men

While attending the Cannes Film Festival, Fonda argued that white men are to blame for what she described as ongoing challenges with climate change. She then proceeded to assert the public only has “seven” or “eight” years to reduce public use of fossil fuels before disaster strikes.

After claiming the least advantaged are hit the hardest by climate change, Fonda next argued that “all these [white] men” should be taken into custody and put behind bars for the negative impacts they’re having on climate change.

A History of Inflammatory Remarks

Unfortunately, this is far from Fonda’s first time making these wild and outlandish claims. Just earlier this year, when she was questioned about how to respond to pro-life people in this country, Fonda suggested killing them.

The actress made this remark while on The View, leading even the left-wing co-hosts to claim she was joking. Though the look on Fonda’s face made it very much apparent that she meant precisely what she said.

At this rate, there’s no telling what else Fonda will come up with going forward.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.