Leftist Friendly Fire of Bad Jokes Hits Biden

President Joe Biden received some “friendly fire” Saturday night when a liberal-leftist and woke comedian made fun of him at a White House reporters’ event.

Although the true targets of the performance were actually American conservatives and the Republican Party.

Friendly Fire to Tickle Sleepy Joe

The barrage of lefty criticism delivered with a bunch of insipid jokes came from The Daily Show host Trevor Noah.

Noah’s jokes were actually only slightly better than those told by Biden himself earlier in the event. Both Sleepy Joe and the lefty comedian clearly ridiculed the plight of the American people under the Biden administration.

Noah’s jokes targeting Joe Biden right there during the White House reporters’ dinner weren’t exactly ingenious. He told Sleepy Joe that everything under his presidency is “looking up” – including gas, rent, and food prices.

Biden himself, whose cognitive abilities have been a large-scale question mark since before he even ran for president, could be seen laughing at the devastating inflation.

The Daily Show host also thought it was funny how during one of his World-War-III-worthy gaffes, Sleepy Joe recently stated in Poland that murderous Russian dictator Vladimir Putin cannot be allowed to remain in power.

Noah declared Russia was “upset” by that comment until it was told whatever Biden wants doesn’t “actually get done.”

Another one of his not-so-funny “anti-Biden” jokes was the Biden administration has been blessing “marginalized minority groups” with new opportunities – and then he enumerated “women, LGBT people” and “the Taliban.”

That one was a weird ridicule of Sleepy Joe’s apocalyptic loss last August of America’s 20-year-long war on terror in Afghanistan.

Biden single-handedly installed back into power the murderous Islamist terrorists that helped al-Qaeda kill almost 3,000 Americans on 9/11.

Going After the ‘Bad’ Conservative Guys

After he was done with the notably mild “friendly fire” criticism of Biden, Trevor Noah pulled out the big guns to attack President Donald Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and the entire Republican Party.

This was because of their stances in support of traditional American values and identity. The latter is actually one of Noah’s main activities on The Daily Show.

The Marxist comedian blasted DeSantis as a more evil version of Trump, who he apparently already deemed plenty evil.

He blasted DeSantis for tackling factually wrong critical race theory in math and other textbooks. He joked that this was so, in the next presidential election, nobody would know how to count votes and Trump would win.

In another part of his tirade, Noah did mock mainstream leftist media, such as CNN and MSNBC. However, his criticism there followed the mild Biden jokes vs. harsh Trump humor model.

He had a whole special place reserved for Fox News where he literally went after every single one of the major faces of the conservative network.