Liberal Media Spreads Fake News on Trump Rally and Fails Miserably!

"Trump campaign rally in Phoenix" by GPA Photo Archive

Former President Donald Trump held a rally last week in Casper, Wyoming.

He was looking to close out the re-election of Representative Liz Cheney through the endorsement of her opponent, Harriett Hageman, in the primaries.

During his speech, video recordings showed the rally was packed with GOP supporters and Trump loyalists.

However, the left wasn’t having it and went out of their way to present the entire rally in a different light.

“Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore

They’re really letting anyone be a journalist these days, huh?

Namely, some left-leaning folk showed up at the rally.

They started recording the arena long before the main speaker, Donald Trump, had gotten there. In fact, most of the shots shared by these people were taken before anyone even showed up at the venue.

The people sharing these clips claimed the rally was a “failure.“ Yet, even these ramblings are exclusive to random Twitter netizens spreading misinformation for a couple of laughs, right?

As it turns out, actual “journalists“ were behind some of these videos.

They were really putting into perspective the kind of dumpster fire that liberal media has turned into, burning through all of their credibility for a day’s worth of internet clout.

The liberal media outlet Raw Story is one of these culprits, basing their entire narrative of the rally being a complete failure on a 1:39 PM Twitter post by Bryan Schott of the St. Louis Tribe.

He recorded the arena 30 minutes prior to the event starting.

11,000 people is definitely not a handful

However, what they failed to note, or purposely left out, is Trump’s speech started at 4:00 PM, not 2:00 PM, as Schott makes it out to have been.

He did this not knowing how many more people were still waiting in line to get in.

Unfortunately, one can’t expect a left-leaning media channel to do their research in this day and age.

Raw Story just went with what was presented by many unreliable Twitter users, instead of at least doing their due diligence and fact-checking the information with any of the local news sources.

Schott, on the other hand, posted an update at 6:33 PM, assuring the arena was packed and his delayed follow-up tweet was caused by poor network coverage in the venue.

Around 11,000 people showed up at the rally, coming from around the region.

While the Ford Wyoming Center was packed with Trump supporters, there were still thousands more of them gathering outside the arena to show support for the former president.

With this information being out and about, you’d think Raw Story would pull their story now that it’s obvious it was nothing more than fake news.

However, they did nothing of the sort.