Lin Wood Posts Alleged Emails Between Tucker Carlson, Hunter Biden

In his most recent Telegram post, attorney Lin Wood leaked alleged screenshots of emails from Tucker Carlson to Hunter Biden. In Wood’s Telegram post, the pro-Trump lawyer claimed Tucker Carlson is best buds with Hunter Biden.

Wood then posted a screenshot that showed alleged email exchanges between Hunter and Tucker. The screenshot of the emails posted by Wood showed a message reportedly from Tucker asking Hunter Biden for support for Buckley, his son, to get into Georgetown University.

Hunter Biden attended Georgetown University and it appears Tucker was asking for Hunter’s help to get his son into the university, too. Tucker’s son ended up never going to Georgetown, but instead attended the University of Virginia.

The email exchange wasn’t posted by Wood first, but rather, it first appeared on Telegram by Lin Wood supporter, David Clements. It appears there’s a current PSYOP campaign occurring in the midst of conservatives.

That’s considering Tucker has called out Hunter Biden for his connections to China and for the dirty secrets in his laptop. While most Fox News reporters sat on the Hunter Biden story, Tucker did the opposite and reported it non-stop.

Not The First Time Wood Attacked Tucker

In the last several weeks, Wood had some strife with Kyle Rittenhouse over Rittenhouse’s comments about Wood during an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson.

In the interview, Kyle Rittenhouse stated Wood was trying to get the money back he raised for him to make bail. Rittenhouse went on to say that Wood even made him sit in jail for a longer time than needed so he could raise more funds.

Wood was extremely upset his former friend Tucker didn’t speak up for him when Rittenhouse made these remarks. Therefore, the attorney posted on Telegram several times about his distrust towards Tucker.

More on Tucker and Wood

Tucker Carlson isn’t exactly your typical Fox News host; he has the highest-rated show on Fox because he’s touched on topics that no one else on Fox News dared to cover.

For example, he created a documentary that stated the Capitol riot was an inside job. Tucker covered election fraud and blasted RINOs and Democrats who are anti-Trump. Therefore, it’s a bit strange that Wood is gunning for Tucker over an email from as far back as 2014.

If conservatives keep nitpicking at each other over minuscule contact with people, then the party will be so split up it can never recover. So, there are only two scenarios that could be right in the situation.

One is that Hunter Biden and Tucker are pals. The second is the information Lin Wood received was leaked to him by a disinformation operative in order for him to unknowingly spread discord amongst Trump supporters.