Liz Cheney Gets Booted Out of Wyoming GOP

If I told most readers Liz Cheney isn’t a Republican, they’d say “obviously.” However, that’s now officially the position of the Wyoming Republican Party, which recently voted to strip Cheney of party membership.

The vote was held in Buffalo, Wyoming in the north of the state, where the GOP voted 31-29 to boot Cheney out of the state party. Yes, Cheney is still a member of the federal Republican Party – technically – but now, her own state no longer considers her a member.

This is a big humiliation for Cheney, who has consistently shown she has no regard for the MAGA movement or real America First conservatism.

Ciao, Cheney

This isn’t the first time Wyoming rejected Cheney. They officially sanctioned her earlier this past February for her “yes” vote on impeaching President Trump.

Cheney made it clear she’s a traitor to the party, the American people, and she supports the positions and beliefs of the Democrat Party on most issues. Why should she be considered a member in good standing of the GOP in any way?

She shouldn’t. She is a fake RINO who completely deserves to lose her status as a member of the party of Lincoln. Following the vote, Cheney hasn’t yet responded, but the pressure is adding up on her.

Her own state doesn’t want her around. How much longer is she going to play this game?Go join the Democrats, already, Liz, where you belong.

Cheney: Cheerleader for the Democrats

Cheney has been obsessed with January 6 ever since it happened. She’s done everything she can to boost the Democrat narrative that a bunch of white supremacists tried to overthrow the government, which is absolute nonsense.

Cheney has done zero to care about the many Americans currently in prison without proper legal representation, healthcare, rights, or food who are being held since January 6 for taking a few selfies inside the Capitol.

She even serves on a special group headed by ultra-leftist Nancy Pelosi, which is completely focused on January 6 and trying to entrap as many Trump officials and protesters as possible.

They recently said they would charge Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for not showing up to their show trial Stalinist group. This is Liz Cheney, everyone.

Liz Cheney Needs to Lose

The liberal media has even been talking about whether Liz Cheney can become president; it appears she intends to do so and is exploring a run-up in New Hampshire.

This woman doesn’t deserve to hold any political office much less run for president. Her betrayal of the America First movement is clear for everyone to see and we can all certainly observe that she – like Biden – puts America last.

She’s a snake of the worst kind who should slither away and leave us all alone.