Lunch With Real Segregationists? Biden’s Series of Gaffes Continue

"Jill Biden & Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

During his recent trip to Ohio for a press conference at the United Performance Metals facility, President Joe Biden left more than a few crowd members baffled.

He made remarks about the time he spent in the US Senate and the figures he was acquainted with.

Namely, Biden reminisced how he would “break bread” with segregationists at the time, naming Eastland and Thurmond. Later, he concluded that times have changed since then and such kinship should be brought back.

Biden was elected into the US Senate when he was 29 years old. He remained in his position until he became vice president 36 years later.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

Biden reminisces the “good old days” he spent with segregationists

He was accompanied at the press conference by both senators of the state.

These were Democrat Sherrod Brown and the currently departing Rob Portman, a Republican, who Biden called “one of the good guys” during his send-off.

Naturally, this emotional farewell wasn’t enough to make the crowd forget what the Democrat president just said. Political commentators like Dan McLaughlin of the National Review did not go easy on Biden.

The senior writer at the newsletter quipped at the president’s remarks, jokingly stating segregationists in the US were known for being awfully polite when it came to who was eating lunch with them.

Others were quick to join in. Dave Rubin, a seasoned political commentator, tweeted, “Nothing like a hot lunch with a segregationist,” followed by an avalanche of others’ tweets on the topic.

MAGA is worse than segregation it seems

However, while it’s definitely unsurprising for Biden to spout nonsense like this, it never hit this close to home.

This president is such a large MAGA opponent, only to long for the days when he could eat lunch with segregationists in the Senate.

In fact, this isn’t the first time Biden referenced his early Senate years. Kamala Harris herself criticized Biden’s behavior during the 2019 Democratic primary debate, prompting a fiery exchange between the two.

The recent gaffe wasn’t an out-of-left-field one either. It followed a series of comments regarding “prejudice against Irish people” during a Cinco De Mayo celebration.

This quickly turned into a discussion about Spanish-speaking students in American schools.

Biden’s gaffes are nothing new.

There are hundreds of videos circulating online where the president can be seen struggling to put together two full coherent sentences without either going on some unrelated tangent or contradicting himself entirely.

One of the causes could be the fact the Biden administration sacrificed access to a properly equipped teleprompter for a backdrop fake White House stage, located in the Old Executive Office building.

One of the reasons for the gaffes could be his old age, as the president has turned 72 this year. This will surely present a serious issue, should he attempt to run for office once again in 2024.