Macy’s Employee Brutalized. Media Doesn’t Care Because He’s White. | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 509


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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a Macy’s employee was viciously assaulted on camera in a racially motivated attack. But you haven’t heard about it because the victim was white. Also Five Headlines, including a male transgender fighter bragging about how much he “enjoyed” fracturing the skull of a female fighter. Plus, Teddy Roosevelt is the latest historical figure to lose a statue. And in today’s Daily Cancellation, we’ll cancel Brett Favre for calling Kaepernick a “hero,” and comparing him to Pat Tillman (who died serving his country).

00:00 – Opening
03:57 – Macy’s Employee Brutalized In Racially Motivated Attack. Media Doesn’t Care Because He’s White.
14:36 – Fallon Fox brags about assaulting female fighters
16:39 – ‘Eskimo Pies’ To Change ‘Derogatory’ Name After Aunt Jemima Outrage
18:50 – Teddy Roosevelt statue to be removed
22:27 – Likely suicides being portrayed as racial violence
27:53 – Why dancing should require a license
29:51 – Noose found in Bubba Wallace’s locker
32:18 – Brett Favre is cancelled

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