Make-Believe Martyrs | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 586


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AOC whines about being insulted, Dr. Fauci characteristically misses the mark at the Nationals’ opening day, and the government money printer prepares to go brrr once again.

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00:00 – AOC B*tch
02:18 – Viewer Comment/Question
03:59 – AOC Self-obsessed
08:18 – Teacher Whining
10:08 – CDC: Reopen Schools
13:02 – Mace Lady
15:44 – Austin BLM Shooting
25:24 – ABC: Mostly Peaceful
29:00 – Nadler Denies Antifa
32:28 – BLM Degenerate
34:53 – DHS Going In and Arresting People
36:43 – NYT Anti-Racism
40:18 – Fauci Opening Pitch
42:44 – New Stimulus
44:47 – Nick Sandmann
46:39 – Netflix Trans Kid

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