Man Takes Ten COVID-19 Jabs in One Day!

What you are about to read is absolute insanity.

A New Zealand man was just caught taking the COVID-19 vaccine on behalf of others a total of ten times. According to the New York Post, New Zealand’s Ministry of Health wasn’t worried about the man’s health.

The country also wasn’t worried that a man sacrificed his body so others didn’t have to take the vaccine, but rather, they were upset because he was taking away someone’s jab from them.

A spokesperson by the name of Astrid Koomneef called the man’s actions selfish. He completely ignored the fact that people were so desperate to get COVID-19 passports, they even allegedly paid someone to get the vaccine on their behalf.

More on the Story

New Zealand was very quiet regarding where the incidents took place and kept the man’s identity hidden. Health officials claim the man is going to be alright, but have not released any health updates.

The man truly sacrificed his body so others didn’t have to get vaccinated; that’s how bad vaccine mandates have gotten in New Zealand and all across the world.

Doctors have stated if one takes a vaccine that is more than the recommended doses, then they’ll receive a major fever, headache, and other symptoms. However. there have been reports of people having heart inflammation and dying from receiving their correct amount of dosages too.

People Are Doing Everything to Avoid Being Vaccinated

A recent press release by the United States Department of Justice says a 23-year-old is facing felony charges after he was caught distributing fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

Amar Salin Shabazz was charged after the Postal Inspector and a Department of Homeland Security agent discovered Shabazz purchased fake COVID-19 vaccination cards online. He was selling them in the Baltimore area for employees whose jobs were forcing them to get vaccinated.

Authorities also issued a search warrant over Shabazz’s browser history. They discovered his browser history ascertained he was looking up how to sell and purchase fake COVID-19 vaccination cards. Shabazz now faces a total of 20 years in prison.

If the Postal Inspector General took the fraudulent mail-in ballots that were sent out in the mail during election night, then Donald Trump would be president right now. Yet, instead, they’re too busy arresting people who are selling fake Gucci purses and COVID-19 vaccination cards.

While the United States continues to get flooded with illegal immigrants and more illegal drugs are being poured into the country, at least Americans can sleep well at night, knowing fake COVID-19 vaccination cards are off the street.

Hopefully, you were able to catch the dose of sarcasm in that statement because we all need a good laugh in these times.