Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s Woke Policies Finally Brought Up for Debate

New York has certainly become more woke in recent times. Even though the city’s current mayor vowed to prevent far-left groups from influencing matters in the city, they’ve long since embedded themselves in NYC’s justice system.

Because of this, the House Judiciary Committee will be carrying out an examination of Alvin Bragg’s office. The Manhattan district attorney was involved in a serious confrontation regarding his criminal case against former President Donald Trump.

NYC woke prosecutor on the chopping block

The hearing is set for April 17th at the Jacob Javits Federal Building. This is just around the block from both Bragg’s office and the courthouse where Trump stared down 34 accounts of a felony.

It’s been revealed that the hearing will focus on Bragg’s many victims and the connection between his office’s work and the growing crime rates in the city of New York.

Bragg isn’t exactly new to criticism either; he’s been slammed by dozens of conservative figures for being too easy on violent criminals, while also being the first man to start a legal case against a former president.

Those who suffered serious consequences due to Bragg’s unwillingness to prosecute some individuals are expected to show up as witnesses during the hearing; although the actual witness list is yet to be revealed to the general public, most likely for safety reasons.

Bragg single-handedly ramping up NYC crime rates

If you look at the data, you’ll find that Bragg’s office successfully downgraded 52% of all felony cases in New York to misdemeanors; yet, he decided to take action against Trump.

On the other hand, Bragg seems to have a thing for ex-cons. He received incredible amounts of criticism for charging a store clerk with second-degree murder for fatally stabbing one while fighting for his life inside the store.

It took a national outcry against these charges for Bragg’s office to drop the case. If you’re familiar with the specifics, you’re probably more than aware of how Bragg’s support for BLM played into this.

As it turns out, Bragg’s entire case against Trump would just be a misdemeanor in New York; it can only upgrade into a felony if it’s connected to other criminal activity.

Bragg claims the payments were completed to conceal campaign finance violations supposedly made by Trump; although he never revealed the full scope of the “crime” he’s accusing the former president of.