Many More Terrorists Caught Invading US Through Biden’s No-Border with Mexico

More and more de facto terrorists are invading the United States, alongside the illegal immigrants that Joe Biden is allowing to randomly waltz into America. This was revealed by US border authorities’ data about the ones who are getting intercepted.

Unprecedented Invasion by Terror Suspects

A whopping 70 migrants who are terror suspects on the FBI’s watch list, the Terrorist Screening Dataset (TSDS), have been caught crossing into the United States.

That is since the beginning of the 2023 fiscal year, according to data from the US Customs and Border Protection agency.

Even though the period in question encompasses only five months – or less than half of the fiscal year, which began on October 1, 2022 – the number of arrested suspected terrorists is already close to the total for the previous fiscal year, Breitbart News reported.

A total of 98 terror watch list individuals were busted in the 2022 fiscal year – and that number alone was more than the preceding five years combined.

The 2022 fiscal year was the first full fiscal year with Joe Biden in the White House. More than six million illegal immigrants have already invaded the United States on No Border Joe’s watch – including close to two million gotaways.

Almost All Terrorists Came from Mexico

An Enforcement Statistics report by CPB reveals that of the 70 terror watch list illegals busted on America’s borders between October 1 and February 28, 69 were caught at the southern border with Mexico. One was nabbed on the Northern Border with Canada.

The border agency’s report pointed out that any individuals who are on the TSDS may be removed from the country immediately to the “extent” this is “possible under CBP policy.”

Alternatively, they could be handed over to another agency of the US government for “detention” or other “law enforcement action.”

The news outlet’s report stresses that the number of terror suspects crossing into America “has grown exponentially” on Biden’s watch. There were only 14 such individuals arrested during the four years of President Donald Trump’s administration.


This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.