Marine Under Investigation for Speaking at Trump’s Rally in Georgia

The U.S. Marine who went viral (following a picture of him pulling an Afghan baby over the wall at the Kabul airport) is now under investigation. This investigation is by his superiors for speaking at Trump’s rally in Perry, Georgia.

Marine Under Investigation for Speaking at Trump's Rally in Georgia

The Post Millennial exclusively reported U.S. Marine LCpl Hunter Clark is currently under investigation by the the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit for speaking out at Trump’s Save America rally.

All LCpl Clark stated at the rally was he is the Marine who pulled the baby over the wall in Afghanistan; Clark followed it up by saying this was the greatest thing he did in his life.

In no way did he pledge allegiance to any political party, but his superiors are still pondering whether he broke any rules by attending a political gathering.

According to the Department of Defense, no active duty of the military is allowed to speak before a partisan gathering that supports any political causes. However, in LCpl Clark’s defense, all he did was receive applause and a thanks from President Trump.

His speech itself reflected no political agenda at all.

The baby Clark saved was extremely ill and her parents asked the U.S. Marines behind the wall to get her medical support. If LCpl Clark received accolades from Obama at an event, he would by no means be under investigation right now.

LCpl Clark Isn’t the Only Marine Under Investigation Right Now

LCpl Clark isn’t the only Marine under fire right now; Lieutenant Col. Stuart Scheller (who released a video of himself asking for accountability from the Pentagon) is now currently in a military prison awaiting trial.

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller made several videos that went viral, asking his superiors to show accountability for the disastrous withdrawal that occurred in Afghanistan. This withdrawal left hundreds of Afghans dead and 13 US troops lives were also taken.

Instead of taking accountability, the Pentagon placed Lt. Col Scheller in the brig. Scheller’s father says his son doesn’t even know why he is being charged. It appears associating yourself with President Trump (or criticizing the Biden regime) will land you in prison or demoted.

The far-left is trying to turn our military blue and they’re doing it by persecuting conservatives speaking out against the Pentagon and the Biden administration.

General Milley and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Have Not Resigned

After the Pentagon’s absolutely horrific withdrawal from Afghanistan, almost everyone in the Pentagon is acting as if nothing happened. Both Milley and Austin before Congress kept sharing Biden’s talking points that the withdrawal was a success; they backed up their false claims by sharing how many people were evacuated in a short amount of time.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley called for Milley and Austin to both retire; they ignored this request, just like they ignored the screams of the ten innocent Afghans who the US military killed in an airstrike.