Martha’s Vineyard Has 74 New COVID-19 Cases After Obama’s Huge Birthday Bash

Former President Barrack Obama threw a huge birthday party at his $12 million dollar estate at Martha Vineyards.

It’s estimated that close to 400 guests attended Obama’s big 60th birthday even though he claimed he was going to scale it, back due to the Delta variant starting to spread throughout America.

Martha's Vineyard Has 74 New COVID-19 Cases After Obama's Huge Birthday Bash

Well now, the Daily Mail reported that health officials from Martha Vineyard announced that 74 people tested positive for COVID-19 since Obama held his big event on the island.

As of right now, health officials won’t admit that Obama’s party is the reason for the new positive cases; yet, after videos leaked from Obama’s birthday bash showed over 400 people under a tent dancing without masks on, it’s a good chance that the positive cases are directly related.

Many of the people on the guest list were celebrities who have been using their platforms to push people to wear masks and get vaccinated. The Obamas tried to keep the party as private as possible.

They even made guests promise to not post any pictures on social media, but several celebrities broke their promise and posted video of the event anyway.

It’s reported that actor Bradley Cooper stayed at the Harbor View Hotel which coincidentally had six staff members test positive for COVID-19 after he stayed at the hotel.

Singer Erykah Badu Apologizes for Sharing a Video of Obama’s Birthday Party

Grammy award winning singer Erykah Badu apologized on social media to the Obamas for sharing a video on her Snapchat account which shows Obama and other dancing maskless.

The video immediately sparked backlash, due to the fact the Obamas having been telling Americans to mask up and not go to large social gatherings.

Rapper Trap Beckham also took a video of himself drinking and smoking weed at the party. He ultimately had to delete the video, due to the fact he violated the party’s policy of posting pictures online of the event. The rapper went on to say nobody ever saw Obama get loose like he did on his 60th birthday.

Obama’s Birthday Party Shows the Pure Hypocrisy of Democrats

None of Obama’s guests had to show proof of vaccination in order to enter his birthday party; it’s quite obvious Democrats want to be the maker of the rules but now the followers of them.

Obama’s event also didn’t require his guests to wear masks; although the CDC recently declared even if you are vaccinated, you should wear masks still indoors.

Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal that these celebrities didn’t wear masks at the party; what is a big deal is that they want other people to wear mask indoors, but refuse to wear ones themselves.

They want your cities’ restaurants to check for proof of vaccination when their favorite restaurants will give them a pass of not proving their vaccination status.