McAuliffe Declares Virginia Should Have Fewer White Teachers

In a bizarre last-minute push to encourage residents in Virginia to vote for him, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe declared the state of Virginia should have fewer white teachers.

McAuliffe, who is running against Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin, stated 80% of teachers in the state of Virginia are white and he plans to lower that number by diversifying Virginia classrooms.

According to Fox News, the reason why McAuliffe called for the state of Virginia to have fewer white teachers is so everybody will feel comfortable.

So, essentially McAuliffe is inadvertently saying white teachers are causing discomfort in classrooms for students of color.

More Details on the Story

McAuliffe is basically openly stating Virginia schools should have racial quotas for teaching positions in the public school system, which could cause a slippery slope.

So, right now it’s going to be labeled as a free opportunity for aspiring teachers but it could lead to the state of Virginia being required to have racial quotas for their staff.

As of right now, demographics show 68% of the residents of Virginia are white, whereas 32% are African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, and others. So, for the state of Virginia to try to get classrooms to a 50-50 ratio would be difficult, due to the demographics.

Also, what if African Americans want to be doctors, journalists, lawyers, CEOs (all of which have a higher pay grade), will McAuliffe give students funds for that? The answer is no; the idea of becoming a teacher is becoming less attractive for Virginians as a whole, since the state ranks 34th in teacher pay.

Diversification is great and Americans on the left who cry racism easily forget the US is the most diversified country in the world. Just watch the Olympics and look at all of the teams.

Compare China’s and America’s Olympic teams and you tell me which one is more diversified. So with that being said, the left’s narrative that America is systematically racist is not valid.

McAuliffe Didn’t Care About HBCUs When Trump Funded Them

President Trump signed an executive order that promised funding to HBCUs all across the country. In 2019, Trump signed the Future Act, which now promises to fund HBCUs for the long term.

Trump signing the Future Act resulted in HBCUs no longer having to go to Congress each year and get approved funding. Instead, HBCU funding will already be provided for them.

So, as the left just unintelligently claims Trump is racist, he’s actually helped the African American community by giving much-needed funding to HBCUs that were ignored during the Obama and Biden administrations.

It’s interesting that the Democrat Party never acknowledges this. Instead, they just point the finger and accuse everyone else of what they themselves are guilty of.