McDonald’s Will Require Corporate Employees to be Vaccinated

The fast food chain McDonald’s has officially announced that all corporate employees must have a COVID-19 vaccination in order to enter back into the office. As of right now, McDonald’s corporate employees are working from home, but are set to return back to the office in October.

McDonald's Will Require Corporate Employees to be Vaccinated

A report by CNBC stated that McDonald’s corporate employees have until September 27th to get vaccinated and if they refuse to do so they could lose their jobs.

A McDonald’s executive said the reason behind the mandate is to ensure safety in the workplace and to also offer comfort for employees who wish to work in a environment where everyone is vaccinated.

McDonald’s Vaccination Propaganda is in Full Swing

McDonald’s has nonstop pushed vaccinations on most of their products. On McDonald’s coffee cups is a graphic of the United States with the phrase We Can Do This placed on top. There’s also a link to which gives information about vaccinations and where vaccination sites are located. One user on Twitter posted a GIF of their vaccination cup:

Another user on Twitter shared a photo of a McDonald’s delivery order covered with a flyer that encourages people to get vaccinated. Just look:

McDonald’s, which is a major contributor to obesity and other health related issues in America, should start advertising what their food is made out of and what health risks they give to consumers. McDonald’s truly doesn’t care about people’s health, but what they do care about is appeasing the “woke” crowd and that’s why they are advertising vaccines.

New Jersey School is Using McDonald’s As Incentive to Get Students Vaccinated

Paterson, New Jersey schools will now offer students a $10 McDonald’s voucher to students who decide to get vaccinated. The district will even come to any student’s home and take them to the vaccination site that is located at St. Joseph’s University.

The district has over 13,000 students and according to a spokesperson for the district, only 100 of the students were vaccinated in April when they offered free vaccinations to students. The district decided to offer a McDonald’s voucher for their new vaccination drive to increase the number of vaccinated student’s in the district.

Corporations Are Ushering in Vaccination Mandates

The federal government has issued vaccine mandates for most governmental agencies like the CIA, NSA, and Department of Veteran Affairs. Most recently, though, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin declared that all military members will be required to be vaccinated by September 15th in his latest memo.

While everyone had their eyes on the Federal government taking our freedoms, corporations like Disney, Walmart, and Amazon have all required vaccinations for their workers. So it appears corporations and the federal government are together pushing mandatory vaccinations and they won’t stop until they reach their goals of taking everyone’s freedoms.