Medical Science Textbook Removes Gender Dysphoria Definition

"Transgender Pride Flag" by Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

Recent guidance released by Florida’s Department of Health was met with significant pushback from the left-leaning community.

It strongly advised against gender transitions for children and adolescents, a move backed up by common sense. Unfortunately, the woke crowd doesn’t respond well to reason.

It’s even more evident now that the action prompted Merck Manuals to remove the definition of gender dysphoria from their medical textbooks, despite it being a world-renowned bestseller.

“Trans flag” by Quinn Dombrowski

Mental illness no more?

The director of marketing at Merck, Melissa Adams, demanded in an e-mail that the Florida Department of Health adjust its guidance accordingly with the recent update to the textbook.

The change effectively removes any notion of gender dysphoria being a mental illness, which the previous definition heavily implied, by describing it as a strong cross-gender identification, followed by anxiety, depression, and irritability.

However, it’s no surprise such a radical change to a textbook that’s been continuously published since 1899 had only come since the Health Department updated its guidance.

Florida’s Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo made sure to shed some light on the situation.

Namely, he screenshotted Adams’ email, following it up by claiming Merck Manuals’ move to have been nothing more than political activism under the guise of medical advancement, an underhanded tactic the left is far too familiar with.

Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo stands his ground

The surgeon general pressed on, adding that medicine can’t and shouldn’t be used as a weapon to push political agendas and divide communities. ‘

He assured the state’s guidance will not change over the political pressure surrounding the situation.

In fact, this isn’t Ladapo’s first rodeo with guidelines regarding gender identity. He’s previously shot back at the Department of Health and Human Services over the guidelines they proposed in March 2022.

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, “gender-affirming care” includes, but isn’t limited to, the affirmation of individuals of all age groups, hormone blockers preventing puberty, and even hormone therapy as early as adolescence.

It likewise includes irreversible surgeries limited to adulthood and extreme cases in adolescence.

Surely there’s something wrong with a world where a child, without even the full comprehension of the illness they’re diagnosed with, is allowed to opt for massively damaging hormone therapies, let alone if their parents coerce them into it.

Fortunately, the Florida Department of Health is run by competent figures who didn’t let this slide past them, instead advocating against social transition, medications, and hormone therapies used to aid in transitional therapy.

The surgeon general’s office issued a statement regarding the situation, assuring they won’t be changing their guidance at this time.

This earned Ladapo the appreciation and approval of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis’ policies have moved mountains when it comes to protecting Florida’s young minds from the negative influence of left-leaning media peddling LGBTQ topics to middle-school children.