Megyn Kelly Responds to Charlize Theron’s Drag Queen Comments

In the United States, growing numbers of Americans are speaking out against kids being exposed to highly sexualized drag queens.

This is happening not just in classrooms, but also in various adult bars where kids are attending shows that feature drag queens stripping, undressing, and making led comments.

In spite of this, some folks believe the backlash against drag queens is being taken too far. Just earlier this month, left-wing actress Charlize Theron attended a fundraising event for drag queens, vowing that she’d “f**k up” people who want to mess with these folks.

Now, political commentator Megyn Kelly is responding to Theron, as documented by Breitbart News.

Laying Down the Facts

On her show, The Megyn Kelly Show, Kelly challenged Theron to make good on her threat. Kelly also explained that while she previously attended drag shows when she lived in Chicago, these events were strictly for adults, not children.

Later, Kelly pointed out that much of what’s going on today with drag queens isn’t explicitly being limited to adults. Instead, much of it does, in fact, include children and the sexual grooming of children.

In making this case, Kelly also pointed out that these particular issues are ones that Theron should be against, regardless of her views about adults and drag queens.

All Eyes on Theron

So far, Theron hasn’t responded to the points made by Kelly.

Nevertheless, what was said on The Megyn Kelly Show resonated with many everyday Americans who are concerned about what children are being exposed to these days.

Kids shouldn’t be at shows where drag queens are stripping or making sexual remarks. They shouldn’t be exposed to graphic dances or displays that have gone viral online for having minors present when it’s not appropriate.

It remarks to be seen whether or not Charlize Theron replies to Megyn Kelly in any way.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.