Memphis Sets US Record For Number of Stolen Firearms

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In a recent analysis by Everytown for Gun Safety, it’s been found the number of guns stolen from cars and other vehicles surged in the past decade, ultimately accounting for the majority of all firearm thefts in the continental US.

A more recent update to the research showed that in 2020, approximately 77k guns were reported as stolen across the country.

The study used data ranging from 2011 to 2020, from 271 small to large cities across 38 states, with appropriate gun laws.

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Firearm thefts skyrocket

With this in mind, the analysts at Everytown pinpointed Memphis, TN, as the leading city in regard to gun theft rates.

There are 193.6 stolen firearms per 100k citizens, with several other southern cities, like Chattanooga, Columbia, and Warner Robins trailing close behind.

Due to the newfound data, the organization proposed every state adopts gun safety laws requiring secure storage of firearms, as well as requiring the aforementioned guns be out of view when left unattended in motor vehicles.

They also added that local lawmakers should touch on the matter, spreading awareness of the issue at hand.

This would be to help get the city’s population to act on it even before actual policies regarding gun storage in vehicles are put into place.

Further regulation is needed

In many areas, like Columbia, S.C., the local police officers are adamant in imploring residents to lock their vehicles or remove their firearms from them before exiting, as gun violence continues to grow in the region.

One police chief, W.H. Holbrook, assured they’ve been extremely vocal regarding the issue.

This is especially as their city has had 73% of all reported gun thefts in 2021 related to car thefts, with 68% of those cases including unsecured vehicles.

The analysis showed it’s usually the cities with more lax gun laws that are near the top of the list, prompting a radical change in gun laws.

These changes could be restrictions regarding the carrying of firearms or additional regulation regarding the storage of the aforementioned.

While it’s clear that Americans’ rights to bear arms are protected by the 2nd Amendment, the recent spike in murders involving stolen firearms is our last call to regulate gun storage and handling in certain states.

Accessibility to guns is properly regulated in most right-leaning states.

However, they still lack the proper regulation to maintain safety in areas where people aren’t prone to locking their vehicles; changes have to be made if we want to prevent any further lives from being lost.

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