Merrick Garland Launches Investigation Into Biden Documents!

After a bundle of classified documents was found at President Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a counsel to launch an investigation into the president’s actions.

The investigation will be led by Robert Hur, an attorney appointed by former President Donald Trump and his work will start immediately.

Classified documents pop up at Biden’s Wilmington home

This development is the second special counsel appointed by Garland, which signals that the Justice Department is finally willing to conduct unbiased probes for political elites.

Interestingly enough, both of the investigations pertained to classified documents in locations they didn’t belong; although there’s more than one difference between the two.

This turn of events finished off what was an extremely active week at the White House, seeing as the Biden administration was looking to celebrate news of a stronger economy in the coming months.

All this joy was shattered when it was revealed on Monday that Biden was guilty of the same thing he’d shed so much criticism on Trump for.

Things only took a turn for the worse when Biden’s defense attorney stated additional documentation was found at his home in Wilmington, in the president’s personal library, including boxes of other documentation stashed in his garage.

In an attempt to recuperate himself, Biden claimed he was willing to cooperate with the investigation and help them find out more about how the documents were stored.

A hypocrite for the president

Even though the Justice Department and Garland were notified of the documents’ presence immediately, the White House did everything in its power to prevent this info from leaking out into the public for as long as it could.

In fact, Biden’s attorneys found the documents at the Penn Biden Center in Washington as early as November 2nd, allowing the National Archives to retrieve them the following day.

However, the rest of us only received partial information about this, while the media continued recycling stories about the documentation found at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

Several follow-up searches were conducted immediately after, recovering the rest of the documents from Biden’s home, albeit without a violent invasion.

Even though the situations are completely different, seeing as Trump was no longer in office when the documents were found, the fact still remains this discovery could make any prosecution against Trump much more difficult.

Kevin McCarthy spoke up on the matter, demanding Congress does an investigation into it.

He added it was extremely hypocritical of Biden to appear on “60 Minutes” to talk about the Trump investigation while having entire boxes of documentation stashed at two different locations.

The presence of the documents could indicate Biden was involved in the misuse, exposure, or even mishandling of this classified information.