Michael Cohen Wins a Major Lawsuit Against Trump

Michael Cohen, who worked with Donald Trump for more than a decade, is now allowed to recover millions of dollars from the Trump Organization in legal fees. Previously, a court ruled that Cohen was ineligible to recover his money from the Trump Organization.

Cohen is now a firm critic of Trump; he parted ways with the former president after publishing a book against him.

Trump Faces More Legal Challenges

The Appellate Division of Manhattan overturned the previous decision unanimously, stating that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is cleared to sue the Trump Organization for recovering millions of dollars in legal fees.

A New York Court previously dismissed Cohen’s lawsuit against the Trump organization, but this time, a Manhattan court suggested the lawyer is eligible to recover money from Trump’s business empire.

According to the statement released by the court, Cohen’s lawsuit was erroneously dismissed by the court, just because Cohen was working personally with Trump. 

Last November, Justice Joel Cohen noted that Michael Cohen is ineligible to receive money from the Trump Organization just because he provided his legal services to Trump, his campaign, and the Trump Foundation.

However, now the judge stated that Cohen’s lawsuit should not have been dismissed, just because he provided personal services to Trump. According to Cohen, the Trump organization stopped his fees after he started providing his legal services to Trump on various issues.

Cohen first sued Trump in March 2019 to recover $1.9 million in legal fees, alongside another $1.9 million. The court records suggest the fees kept on growing, as the business of the former president did not pay anything to Cohen.

Justice Cohen and Michael Cohen just share a second name and are not related to each other.

Cohen Gets a Major Victory Against Trump

Cohen won a legal case against Trump at a time when he faced a setback in another lawsuit against Trump and former Attorney General William Barr.

A court dismissed Cohen’s lawsuit earlier this week, which suggested Trump and the federal government were involved in retaliating against him for publishing a book against the former president.

In this lawsuit, Cohen claimed the Department of Justice sent him to jail just because he criticized Trump in his book.

Similarly, Cohen argued the federal government tried its best to stop him from exposing the unethical and dirty tactics of the Trump administration, not to mention Trump was involved in politicizing the DOJ.

Although Cohen worked as a personal attorney of Trump for more than a decade, he is now a firm critic of his former boss.

In his book, “Disloyal,” Cohen asserted that Trump is morally bankrupt, adding he is a bully and a racist. Furthermore, Cohen stated he saw the real face of Donald Trump, which was not accessible to anyone else.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.