Mike Pence “Proud” He Certified 2020 Election

Mike Pence has decided to create even more distance between himself and Trump. The former vice president, in a speech at the Reagan library, declared he was “proud” of the way he acted on January 6th.

Pence made his statement at the Reagan Library where he addressed a crowd of over 800 people according to a report by the Associated Press. In the speech, Pence stated that he did the right thing by certifying the election on January 6th.

He went on to add a subtle shot at Trump and others; Pence expressed that there were people in the Republican Party who believe he should’ve overturned the election. He then followed it up by stating that the Constitution provides no real authority to overturn the election in front of a joint session of Congress.

The Story behind Pence’s Decline In Popularity Amongst Trump Supporters

Mike Pence, who was the former governor of Indiana, came into the spotlight when he became President Trump’s vice presidential pick. At first, he was well received by the majority of Republicans, but a large majority of Trump supporters are now declaring him a traitor and “Judas” for his actions on January 6th.

To put things into perspective, before the Capitol riot occurred many senators and representatives contested the election; the joint session of Congress was about to head into a 10-day audit of the election, but that all changed after the Capitol riot.

Senators and representatives no longer had fiery rhetoric to contest the election, but rather they had their heads down as if they were ashamed. Mike Pence as the president of the Senate continued the process of certifying the election by reading off papers in a robotic manner until he finally hit the gavel to announce Joe Biden as “president”.

What he did after he swung the gavel surprised many people. A video that went viral shows immediately after he certified the election, he and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rubbed elbows.

In case you missed it take a look:

Many believe Pence should’ve used the moment to rally the troops in a fiery speech to help the intimidated lawmakers stand on the claims they made earlier in the week when they declared they would contest the election.

Will Trump Run Again In 2024 With Mike Pence As His VP?

The probability of Trump choosing Mike Pence as his running mate is slim to none. Trump has made it clear that he and Pence don’t see eye to eye on Pence’s actions on January 6th; most Republicans are siding with Trump, rather than Pence.

Some names that are being thrown around for Trump’s running mate are Gov. Ron DeSantis, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Gov. Kristi Noem, Sen. Tim Scott, General Michael Flynn, and for a wild card pick Trump’s good friend and former NFL player Herschel Walker.