Missing 14-Year-Old Girl Found Pregnant in Michigan!

After a year-long search, the 14-year-old girl reported missing by her foster family has finally been found. Authorities report she was hiding in a closet of a home in Michigan.

However, there’s a bit more to this story; the child was discovered to be pregnant by medical officials when she was transferred to the nearest hospital.

Children deserve better than this

Currently, law enforcement is on the search for the girl’s biological mother, who previously lost custody of her daughter in the divorce.

It’s suspected the mother found her after the girl ran away, continuously moving her from home to home, only for her to finally be reunited with her dad.

As it turns out, the girl had originally run away because she was afraid of being put in the childcare system again, claiming she just wants to be with her dad.

Reports show that police found the girl on account of several tips; although the home’s occupants refused them entry at first, a search warrant was enough to gain access to the home.

Despite everything surrounding this incident, nothing points to it being a human trafficking operation, which was to be expected if you take the missing children statistics into consideration.

In 2020 alone, almost 30,000 children were reported missing, but further investigation found 91% are children who ran away from home, 77% of which are between the ages of 15 and 17.

Parenting isn’t for everyone

The discovery was made only two days after two children, who were abducted in Missouri, were also found a year later at a grocery store alongside their non-custodial mother.

The real question is why so many children choose to run away at such a young age, and whether we can do anything to change this devastating percentage.

Sadly, it all falls on the parents and their upbringing of a child. Unfortunately enough, a large portion of the parents involved simply aren’t competent enough to take care of a child and give it all the love and nourishment it needs.

Of course, not all parents are to blame; a child can sometimes simply be irresponsible enough to go through with a plan such as running away from home.

Many times, the children involved tend to have been part of the foster care system. It’s somewhat understandable to see them run away from their adoptive parents, especially at such a sensitive age.

However, this by no means indicates that what a child does is okay; in most cases, the foster parents’ neglect of their adoptive child is to blame.

Children’s rights violations are a stain on this planet; it’s one that’s been growing steadily over the years.

What’s even more demoralizing is these atrocities happen across the globe, from sweatshops in China to child trafficking in the US. If we don’t crack down on these exploitative operations, children will continue to suffer for years to come.