Multiple Arrests Follow Impersonation Scandal at High School

Across the nation, disturbing events have been taking place at schools where parents send their kids to learn. Whether this pertains to inappropriate drag queen storytime hours or critical race theory being taught to kids, it’s more than clear that something has to give.

In one case, however, a high school in Louisiana was subject to something quite strange that you don’t hear about every single day.

According to the Associated Press, the incident in question involves an adult posing as a high school student, leading to her subsequent arrest. The reason for this impersonation of a high school student also has Americans talking.

Say What, Now?

In Louisiana, Martha Jessenia Gutierrez Serrano was arrested after pretending to be a high school student in the Hahnville area. Serrano, with the help of her mom (who was also taken into custody), submitted a phony birth certificate and passport to the high school in order to be able to attend classes.

Law enforcement says that despite Serrano breaking the law by falsifying records, she didn’t have any behavioral or criminal issues while attending the high school.

Police also made it known that Serrano wanted to learn the English language, yet would have been better off enrolling in other classes for adults.

Hahnville High School eventually caught on to Serrano being an adult after an anonymous tip was sent to them.

Preventing Any Repeats

The Louisiana high school recently noted in a statement that it’s working to have a better verification system for documents going forward. Likewise, the Hahnville school is also tweaking its various policies to prevent someone like this from being able to con their way into classrooms.

On social media, folks have expressed incredulity that something of this nature could happen. Others described the incident as one of the strangest things they’ve heard in quite some time.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.