Murky Biden Connection Exposed as Hunter’s Partner Was Joe’s Confidant

Emails from Hunter Biden’s lost “laptop from hell” contain the first son’s admission that his long-time business partner, Eric Schwerin, was also a close aide to his father Joe Biden when the latter was vice president.

Writing Joe Biden’s Recommendation for Yourself

Newly revealed 2014 emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop, whose authenticity has been verified by Fox News Digital, shows the first son admitted Eric Schwerin had been a “close confidant and counsel” of Joe Biden, the then-US vice president under Barack Obama.

Among other business partnerships with Hunter Biden, Schwerin has been the president of their joint investment fund, Rosemont Seneca Partners, which has since been dissolved.

The email from February 18, 2014 shows Eric Schwerin had written a recommendation letter on behalf of Joe Biden. He was asking the latter’s son to review it before sending it to the vice president’s office for further review.

In his question to Hunter Biden, Schwerin wondered whether Joe Biden would be “comfortable” sending the letter, Fox News reported. He made it clear the letter would go to Joe Biden through the vice president’s executive assistant, Kathy Chung.

Schwerin and Hunter Biden then exchanged more emails on February 19, 2014, in which the latter said he hadn’t “looked yet” at the recommendation letter.

On February 22, the future first son wrote back to Schwerin that the letter was “good,” but told him to “tone down” the parts about “he and my son” – “he” being Schwerin himself.

All About the ‘Fact’

In the same message, Hunter Biden told his business partner to concentrate on “the fact” that he had been a “close confidant and counsel” to Joe Biden. He recommended Schwerin’s draft should just have the then-US vice president just mention him as a “business partner with my son.”

In his response, Schwerin expressed gratitude to Hunter. He explained he wanted to be certain the reader of the recommendation letter would be clear “there was a real relationship” between him and Joe Biden – rather than a distant connection.

The report notes it remains unknown whether Biden’s recommendation letter that Eric Schwerin wrote for himself (before getting it rubber-stamped by the vice president at the time) did him any good.

For the time being, Schwerin hasn’t been accused of any crimes having to do with the revelations about his involvement with the Bidens.

However, last week, the House of Representatives Oversight Committee said through a spokesperson it had been in contact with Schwerin’s lawyer.

The spokesperson added the committee expected Schwerin and the lawyer to be “producing documents” to it “soon,” a development that could shed further light on the highly questionable business dealings of the Bidens.

Earlier reports have revealed that Eric Schwerin visited the White House no fewer than 27 times while Joe Biden was the vice president of the United States.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.