Museum Defends Man in Lingerie Seen Playing at Kids’ Event


During a recent event in an Australian museum, the facility’s administration has taken no steps to remove a lingerie-wearing man from the lobby filled with children.

Instead, they defended him by claiming the museum is considered to be a “safe place” where everyone is welcome.

I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable having a grown man donning fetish gear sit in the same room with my children.


Liberal policies enable child abuse

Fortunately, a woman who attended the April event wasn’t one to keep her mouth shut.

Instead, she demanded he be removed by museum security; no concrete action was taken by the museum, following her complaints.

The photos quickly went viral, ultimately reaching the 2GB show, hosted by Ben Fordham.

He shed heavy criticism on the museum, letting his viewers take a look for themselves and judge the immoral situation with their own two eyes.

There’s clear evidence of a man in women’s underwear sitting and playing with legos, uncomfortably close to a group of children.

However, the museum has continued its claims of enforcing safe spaces, and assuring the safety of its visitors is its top priority.

The latter though, is completely out of place, as the man’s presence in itself could’ve been considered sexual harassment.

This is probably what led the museum staff to refer to his outfit as a “fancy dress,” rather than what it really is.

Women’s lingerie is now considered “fancy dress”

The team at the museum added the two men “kept to themselves” and weren’t bothering any of the other visitors.

As if that takes away from the fact that upwards of four children were practically forced to look at a man’s private parts.

They added the rest of the children at the event were all supervised and they received no other complaints regarding the men.

Although Sydney Radfem’s complaints will not have gone unnoticed; it’s recently been announced that the LEGO pit is being redesignated as a children’s only area.

Unfortunately, this only means it’s a matter of time before a grown man/woman who identifies as a child appears.

This would put us back to square one regarding the issue of exposing children to these morally questionable and mentally unstable figures.

Fordham spared no words when criticizing the museum for their response, adding they should at least try to be prepared for the next time this sort of thing happens.

He adds the LEGO area will become exponentially more crowded as school holidays continue, allowing for more situations where a grown man leaving very little to imagination can be seen invading a childrens-only space.

In fact, if we’re such big fans of safe spaces, why can’t we have something of the kind for middle-school and younger children?

It’s become evident the left is doing nothing to keep our future generations out of harm’s way.