Musk Calls Out Hypocrisy of Communist Protesters Over Jordan Neely Death

Billionaire Elon Musk exposed the hypocrisy and impudence of Democratic protesters who rallied in New York City over the weekend due to the death of homeless man Jordan Neely.

They have completely ignored the killing of three nine-year-old kids at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, by a transgender woman.

Marxists Celebrating New Case to Utilize for Their Vile Cause

The outrageous hypocrisy of the Marxist-Communists is nothing new, but it is just insanely shocking to American society. Society has always emphasized moral values, but many of this nation’s residents seem exactly like apparatchiks of the Communist Party of the former Soviet Union.

That is, all they care about is the advancing of their totalitarian, terrorist agenda, with no regard for basic human decency, humanity, and humility.

One such “great case” emerged last week. An unruly homeless black man, Jordan Neely, with a lengthy criminal record, was subdued with a chokehold by a former US Marine, helped by some other men.

He passed away as a result.

On Saturday night, communist stormtroopers disrupted the subway in New York City, some of them climbing on the tracks and stopping the trains, with demands for action from the authorities over Neely’s death.

Besides his long history of harassing and threatening subway riders, Neely’s police record also features an attempt to abduct a seven-year-old girl back in 2015.

‘Disingenuous’ Woke Communists

The woke protesters on the NYC subway naturally chanted their well-known slogan, “No justice, no peace!” – as though they were anointed and appointed by God to be the sole decision-maker on what’s justice and what isn’t

Just as naturally, however, their abominable hypocrisy and impudence was called out by Tesla and Twitter owner Elon Musk.

In a tweet reacting to their protests, he wonder why the same woke protesters didn’t rally over the slaughter of “the children at the Christian school.”

“They are disingenuous,” Musk commented regarding the protesters – except they are a lot more than just that.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.