Elon Musk Takes on Woke Twitter Management

Elon Musk by Daniel Oberhaus

Musk is taking on the woke Twitter management with yet another cryptic tweet.

In a recent bout of events, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk made it evident he’s planning to buy Twitter and he’s doing it one cryptic tweet at a time.

The latest one involved the title of one of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novels “Tender is the Night.” Although Musk left out the first word, hinting at a “tender” offer to buy the company.

There are numerous words to fit into the blank space though, with some Twitter users speculating it could be “Tonight”, signaling Musk was to make the move that night or the following day.

Elon Musk remains Twitter’s largest shareholder

Whichever it is, it’s clear that Elon is dead-set on buying the platform, initially offering them $54.20 per share.

This would total around $43 billion; although slightly under two-thirds of that money would have to come from co-investors.

He claims to be willing to invest between $10 and $15 billion of his own money, aiming to get others to join him in the complicated task of raising debt against the company and possibly his own stock.

He bought the stock earlier this month, earning himself a 9.2% stake in Twitter.

With this move, he hopes to raise at least $20 billion in order to launch a tender offer directly to the current Twitter shareholders.

Elon Musk and the Neuralink Future by Steve Jurvetson

Naturally, this means that Musk wouldn’t own all of Twitter himself, with his stake being outweighed by the combined stake of the co-investors banding together.

Although he would remain the company’s largest shareholder, meaning he would have the most pull on how it’s run.

A couple of days earlier, another one of his tweets hinted at the same kind of offer, with Musk quoting the name of Elvis Presley’s iconic track “Love Me Tender.”

Tesla CEO fights for free speech on social media

The Tesla CEO is both eccentric and thoughtful. He’s well aware of the pressure simple three-word messages like these can exert on the current Twitter shareholders.

His pull on social media became even more evident after Netflix stock plummeted by 35% over a single tweet where he criticized the streaming platform’s business model.

There aren’t that many people in the world who can move mountains with a few simple words.

Twitter has devolved into a “woke” platform where no opinion is valid unless it passes through Parag Agrawal’s left-leaning filter. Musk fought this oppression of free speech for months on end.

The social media platform is at its turning point. If Elon manages to pull this deal off, it could make free speech into a two-way road like it used to be.

Time will ultimately tell if this happens.