Mysterious Relocation of Proud Boys from DC Gulag Sparks Concerns

Members of the Proud Boys were abruptly moved from the DC Gulag at 5 AM, leaving their families and supporters in a state of uncertainty. The sudden relocation was reported by Alicia Powe of The Gateway Pundit on September 8, 2023.

Lisa Pezzola, the wife of Dominic Pezzola, one of the Proud Boys, reached out to The Gateway Pundit with an update. She revealed the men were taken to the transport area of the jail where they remained for over five hours.

Initially, they were supposed to be transferred to Philadelphia, but the Philadelphia prison declined to accept them. The reasons behind this refusal remain unclear.

The ordeal has been distressing not only for the Proud Boys but also for their families who spent sleepless nights worrying about their loved ones’ whereabouts.

Adding to the confusion, it was reported that the transfer paperwork had been lost. The urgency with which the men were removed from their cells raised further questions about the motives behind this move.

Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys, was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison for “seditious conspiracy” related to the January 6 protest, despite not being present in Washington DC on the day of the protest.

This sentencing has sparked outrage among conservative circles, who view it as a gross miscarriage of justice.

Tarrio, in an exclusive interview with The Gateway Pundit, claimed that government prosecutors tried to coerce him into lying about former President Trump in exchange for his freedom.

He vehemently denied any connection with Trump or his aides, accusing the prosecutors of attempting to establish a false narrative to indict the former president.

The case against the Proud Boys has been marred by controversy. Despite numerous FBI agents infiltrating the group prior to January 6, no evidence was found to suggest the group planned an insurrection.

The only “evidence” against them was reportedly planted by an FBI operative in their chat group, further fueling suspicions of a setup.

The abrupt relocation of the Proud Boys from the DC Gulag has added another layer of uncertainty to this already complex case. As of now, their current location remains unknown, leaving their families and supporters anxiously waiting for updates.