Nancy Pelosi Heckled with “Trump Won” Chants in United Kingdom

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not only disliked by Americans, but the British are not big fans of her either. As Nancy Pelosi arrived to the United Kingdom, she was met by protestors who were chanting “Trump won” and “we don’t want you here.”

According to Fox News, Pelosi was visiting the U.K to speak at Cambridge University where she used her time to call the members of the GOP cultists.

Nancy Pelosi Heckled with

Pelosi also enraged many British people for claiming she was going to vote down any United States trade agreement with the United Kingdom if Brexit decided not to honor the 1998 Good Friday agreement.

The Good Friday Agreement is an international agreement which ensures peace in Northern Ireland. Britons didn’t like the fact that Pelosi came to their country and started threatening U.K officials. Most of everywhere Pelosi decided to go, she was met by Britons telling her to leave the United Kingdom.

Pelosi Stated U.S. Should Work with China on Climate Change

During her visit to Cambridge, Pelosi mentioned the United States’ most important task when it comes to China is to partner with them to fight climate change. Pelosi briefly mentioned how China has violated Uyghurs’ and Tibetans’ human rights.

She then followed up her talking points by doing a 180 and announcing the United States must collaborate with China to combat climate change. The United States should not work together with China on any grounds, though.

Their government literally harvests the organs of Muslims, Christians, and several other ethnic groups who the CCP deems as second class citizens. A UN report also revealed that there are currently over 1,200 concentration camps around China that take both religious and ethnic minorities and work them to death.

The United States should never overlook human rights violations to battle climate change on any level. It appears Democrats will use climate change as a way to urge skeptic Democrat voters to overlook human rights in order to support the CCP.

Pelosi, Two Weeks Before, Met Up with George Soros

Two weeks before Pelosi’s trip to the United Kingdom, she met up with George Soros and his son Alexander Soros. George is the founder of the Open Society Foundation and his son also served as the Deputy Chair of the Open Society Foundation.

Both of the Soros have used their money and have aimed their philanthropy work to further liberal ideology all around the world. George Soros also sits on the board of the World Economic Forum.

He has advocated on several times for the Great Reset and the New World Order. If you want to know who controls the Democrats, just look at the companies that fund their re-election campaign and come to their dinner parties.