Nashville School Massacre Hate Crime by ‘Trans Man’ Against Christians, US Senator Insists

The bloodbath at a private Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee claimed six lives, including those of three children, earlier this week.

It seems to have been a hate crime in which the “trans man” perpetrator deliberately targeted Christians and should be investigated as such, according to Republican Senator Josh Hawley.

Heavily Armed Woman-Turned-‘Man’

28-year-old Audrey Hale massacred three nine-year-old kids and three elderly employees at Covenant Presbyterian School. This is a private Christian institution with 200 students.

Hale was a former student at the school and found to have been a “transgender man” who used the name “Aidan” on some social media, together with male “pronouns.”

The shooter, who was heavily armed with a pistol and two semi-automatic rifles, was gunned down and killed by two police officers who responded to the emergency.

The attack became the most lethal school shooting in the United States since the massacre in Uvalde, Texas in May 2022.

According to GOP Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, however, the slaughter committed by the “trans man” has to be investigated as nothing short of a hate crime against Christians.

Full-Fledged Probe of All-out Anti-Christian Crime

The Republican lawmaker quoted the statements of Nashville police chief John Drake, stating Hale deliberately “targeted” the Covenant School, The Daily Mail reported.

In a Twitter post, Hawley insisted its students and employees were targeted based on their “religious affiliation,” which is “a hate crime.”

In subsequent remarks, the senator announced his intention to sponsor legislation on the Senate floor to denounce the Nashville school shooting as a hate crime. Hawley insisted any displays of hate leading to violence had to be condemned.

The report notes any hate crime charges necessitate evidence that the perpetrator was motivated precisely by bias – for instance, hatred of the victims’ religion.

In his tweets, Senator Hawley urged the US government to deploy all of the necessary federal resources for a hate crime investigation in Nashville, as well as to hold to account any individuals threatening the Christian community.

His stance was backed by conservative author Dinesh D’Souza, who said the Covent School slaughter was a hate crime committed by a “transgender domestic terrorist” targeting “Christians.”

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.