Nearly Six in Ten Americans Disapprove of Biden

The Biden presidency is a joke at this point. There is not a single thing Biden’s done right since he got into office a little over eight months ago. At every single turn, this president has weakened America and made us more vulnerable.

Many Americans warned about the perils that would come if Biden got into office as president. However, even many of the 46th president’s staunchest critics are blown back by how rapidly he’s messed up so much in such a short timeframe.

Nearly Six in Ten Americans Disapprove of Biden

The president is in denial right now. He continues to give speeches about how America is “back.” Biden continues to tout his unpopular policies and mandates, despite the harm they’re wreaking on all aspects of America.

In a new turn of events, Biden’s approval rating has reached an even lower level than previously before, as Newsmax attests to.

An Embarrassing Approval Rating for Biden

A new Rasmussen Reports poll is pretty embarrassing for the 46th president and the Democrats who helped vote him into office. This poll confirms that 58% of Americans do not presently approve of Biden. This leaves the president’s latest approval rating in the 29% range.

Furthermore, “strong approval” of the current president rests at 21%. Meanwhile, a vast 50% note “strong disapproval.” This latest survey follows a pattern of increasingly lower approval ratings and higher disapproval ratings for Biden over a course of months now.

It is a joke for Biden to continue pretending as though he is doing right by the country. He’s running America into the ground and emboldening terrorist groups like the Taliban. Meanwhile, additional foreign policy decisions made by the president since the troop withdrawal have angered America’s allies.

At this point, it is almost as if the Biden administration is intentionally trying to destroy America. Nothing they’re doing or working to implement is in the best interest of the United States.

Things to Keep An Eye On

Many Americans are aware of Biden’s war against energy independence, border security, economic stability, and small businesses. However, there are other things the country must keep an eye on.

One of the most pressing matters deals with Biden’s plot to give the IRS direct access to Americans’ bank accounts. The president believes that banks should have to report to the IRS any financial transactions that reach $600 or above.

The president claims this is all a ploy to make rich Americans pay their fair share; yet, all critically thinking people know better. Biden wants the IRS in virtually every person’s bank account in order to squeeze more money out of the middle class.

The tax hikes that Biden seeks to foist upon the middle class would be used to pay for the Democrat Party’s socialist programs. The more time passes, the fewer people Biden is fooling.