New Biden Policy Will Require Truckers to Get Vaccinated

Truck drivers who cross the Canada or Mexico border to deliver goods must be vaccinated against COVID after Biden issued a new policy. The new policy doesn’t just affect truck drivers, but also emergency responders and governmental officials.

The new Biden policy will not keep Americans from coming inside the country, though. It will accept a negative COVID test for drivers attempting to get back into the United States.

Thousands of truck drivers are bucking up against the mandate and calling it useless. It’s expected major walkouts and protests from truckers shutting down roads will occur if Biden refuses to change his policy.

Just imagine a large convoy of truckers shutting down interstates; now, that would send a message to Biden.

Biden Didn’t Vaccinate Any Illegal Immigrants

While thousands of illegal immigrants crossed the border last month, the Biden administration was silent. If the Biden administration was so concerned about COVID-19 cases, then the southern border would’ve never looked like the Wild West in the first place.

Videos in September showed thousands of Hattian immigrants flooding into the United States after their president was assassinated. None of them were vaccinated because the former president of Haiti refused all vaccines from the UN.

So, it appears Biden will not force illegal immigrants to get vaccinated, but will force hard-working truckers to do so. Many states have forced their bus drivers to get vaccinated, which caused a massive shortage of drivers.

In the state of Massachusetts, the governor even issued a state of emergency and is training members of the National Guard to drive busses. Who would’ve thought America’s children would be driven to school by their own military?

The Supply Supply Crisis is Increasing

While the supply chain crisis worsens, Biden decided to do the only thing that would make the situation even worse: force truck drivers who transport goods to get vaccinated.

Biden knows the majority of truckers will refuse to get vaccinated, which will result in major shortages.

Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg took a couple of months off on maternity leave. While he was on maternity leave, he even posted a picture of himself breastfeeding his child.

So while inflation increases and stores like Dollar Tree are raising their prices to $1.25, the Biden administration is acting as if nothing is happening.

Liberal news outlets, instead of criticizing the Biden administration, decided to tell Americans to just buy less stuff. So, as Americans are suffering shortages, the only advice liberals have is to lessen consumption levels.

It hasn’t even been a year, yet. Sadly, though, Joe Biden has the United States of America at its weakest point since the 1970s. Biden should be ashamed of himself for what he’s done.