New Big US Military Aid Package Unveiled as Ukraine to Counterattack Putin’s Russia

A new big package of US military aid for pro-Western Ukraine has been announced by the US government. The Ukrainian armed forces are gearing up for a much anticipated major counter-offensive against the murderous invaders from Putin’s Russia.

Means to Weaken Communist China

For almost 15 months now, plucky Ukraine has been resisting the invasion of Putin’s Russia. In February 2022, Russia’s atrocious dictator Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in a bid to revive the former Soviet empire.

Putin was seemingly motivated by the foreign policy weakness and failure of Biden. This came in 2021 when Sleepy Joe single-handedly lost the 20-year-long US war on terror in Afghanistan for no rational reason.

The Ukrainian resistance has shown mountains of bravery, beating back the Russians and liberating almost half of the occupied parts of their country – largely thanks to substantial aid from the United States and other Western nations.

The new Ukrainian military counter-offensive, if successful, could crush Putin’s military, which has already disgraced itself beyond imagination with failures and war crimes. This also has the potential to cause the fall of the Putin regime, which is increasingly in bed with Communist China, America’s No. 1 global enemy.

According to Andrey Piontkovsky, an exiled Russian opposition figure living in the US, it is precisely Putin’s growing subservience to the Chinese that is drawing more and more Republicans to support US military aid to Moscow’s victim.

Russia’s defeat would likely weaken China’s global standing.

New Package Not Drawn From US Stocks

The new US military aid package for the brave Ukrainians is worth $1.2 billion, according to a State Department announcement, the New York Post reported. The new package will bring the total US military aid to Ukraine to roughly $37 billion.

The new military supplies will feature artillery shells, air defense munitions, and systems. It will also supply ammo for anti-drone weapons, satellite imagery services, plus overall support for training and maintenance.

Any new weapons and ammunition for the Ukrainians will not be drawn from existing US military stocks, but will be bought with funding approved by Congress for the purpose under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.

The preceding US military package to Ukraine was worth $300 million. It was announced last week and came from US stocks.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.