New Bill Lets Non-US Citizens Become Police Officers in California

Non-US citizens will be able to work as police officers in California under a new law passed this year.

“Subject to a few exceptions, current law bans the appointment of anyone to the California State Troopers who does not hold citizenship in the United States.”

“It also bans those who do not speak English as their first language. This bill would repeal that prohibition and make conforming amendments in the process of doing so,” according to the legislation.

Senator Nancy Skinner, a Democrat, introduced Senate Bill 960, which would repeal the requirement that an individual is a citizen or legal resident of the U.S. to become a law enforcement officer.

There is no difference between legal and illegal immigrants under the proposed legislation.

The Vote Total

The law had previously been passed at the end of March, with four votes in favor and one vote against it.

Skinner, along with Democratic Senators Steven Bradford, Sydney Kamlager, and Scott Wiener, voted in favor of the legislation. Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh, a conservative, abstained from voting.

An anonymous person acquainted with the legislation told Fox News the bill allows only legal immigrants to work as police officers. Illegal immigrants are not prohibited from doing so, according to the bill’s text, which does not say they are.

According to the source, it was unnecessary to use the word “illegal immigrant” because other portions of federal law already prohibited illegal immigrants from holding positions of authority.

“This bill only permits people who are legally residing in the United States and who have the lawful ability to work in the country, such as those who have a visa or a green card, to become officers.”

“I simply want to be crystal clear about this.” Sen. Skinner made the statement during a Senate Public Safety Committee hearing on March 22.

The law passed its revised version on Tuesday and was in the process of being read a third time.

Biden Going Easy on Illegal Immigration

This follows in the wake of the Biden administration’s decision to lift its Title 42 healthcare policy, despite fears about a migrant surge in the United States.

After being implemented in March 2020 by the Trump administration, as a means of removing illegal immigrants during the COVID-19 epidemic, Title 42 became effective in July 2020.

Despite Democratic support for repealing Title 42, neutral Democratic and Republican legislators expressed concern about the potential migrant influx that could come as a result of the repeal.

Just imagine the security risk California will now have, considering that when we talk about illegal immigrants, we are not talking about illegal immigrants just from California, but rather from all over the world.

Most of the American terrorist attacks occurred from illegal immigrants from within.