New Concerns Rise Over VP Harris Overseeing Artificial Intelligence in Washington DC

In today’s world, artificial intelligence (AI) is an inevitability. It’s already here and will continue to have an increasing impact on how human beings live, work, and otherwise navigate through the world.

In spite of all this, many folks still have very real concerns about AI.

Some of the deepest concerns deal with the impacts this technology will have on the workforce, particularly for workers who are on the lower end of the economic spectrum. Though AI advocates argue this technology will play a positive role for workers, making them even more efficient at their jobs.

In the meantime, Vice President Kamala Harris was just put in charge of overseeing AI in Washington DC. To say this has raised some red flags would be an understatement, according to Fox News.

Not Off to a Great Start

Given the complex nature of AI, it may not be something that the federal government can easily manage. That’s according to Kevin Baragona, who has software engineer experience, but is also extremely well-versed in the world of AI.

Baragona informed Fox News that AI likewise has the potential to be compromised. This can be problematic because the programming of AI generally reflected the individual(s) who created it.

In most cases, these will be left-leaning individuals, hence the concerns about Vice President Harris being in charge of overseeing this technology in the nation’s capital.

It also doesn’t help matters that Harris lacks a positive track record. Back in 2021, the vice president was made the czar of the southern border, tasked with getting rampant border crossings under control.

To this day, mass illegal immigration continues to be a very serious issue.

Wait and See

Time will ultimately determine what comes from Harris being the point person in charge of managing AI in Washington DC. Though Americans would do well to buckle up because there’s no telling what comes next.