New Superman Comes Out as Bisexual

At every corner of society, youth are being bombarded with woke ideology; now the far-left has officially taken Superman as a hostage for propaganda usage. DC comics officially announced the new Superman in the series will come out as bisexual on National Coming Out Day.

As some of you know, the DC comics created Clark Kent, who was disguised as Superman. There’s also a second Superman and his name is Jon Kent. Jon Kent is Clark Kent’s son who is also Superman, but now DC comics has turned Jon Kent into a bisexual “hero.”

On DC Comic’s official Twitter page, they posted a picture of Jon Kent and his male partner Jay Nakamura in a close kissing position. The caption of the picture read ‘just like his father, Jon Kent has fallen in love with a reporter.’ Jon Ken’s father, who is Clark Kent, the original Superman, married a female reporter Lois Lane.

Superman Actor Speaks Out Against Making Superman Bisexual

According to Fox News, former Superman actor Dean Cain had a lot to say about the new Superman being bisexual. Cain stated DC is simply bandwagoning and isn’t doing anything new or “brave.” He then went on to say if DC did this 20 years ago, then it would be groundbreaking, but in this day and age, it’s almost everywhere already.

So what kind of crime fighting will the new Superman be fighting in the new comic series? Woke writers have Superman falling in love with male reporters, fighting climate change, and helping refugees from being deported. It sounds like a typical CNN news cycle, instead of an action comic.

Batman’s Sidekick Robin Is Now Gay Too

Before Superman’s sexual identity changed, DC made Batman’s sidekick Robin gay. In DC’s Batman Urban Legends series, Tim Drake (who is Robin) finds himself saying yes to a boy who asks him on a date.

It’s not just DC comics that are now creating LGBTQ characters, but Disney is doing the same thing. Disney created several LGBTQ characters that teach children rejecting Christian-Judeo values is absolutely okay because you should just be yourself.

Other networks like Nickelodeon spent a whole month celebrating Pride month and even hired a transgender male to put out music videos for the channel. Here’s a clip from a Nickelodeon TV show to see what kind of subject lines Nickelodeon is pushing nowadays:

The Muppets also has a new non-binary character called gonzo-rella. In one episode, Gonzo-rella (who was betrayed as a male character) decides to wear a dress to Miss Piggy’s Royal Ball and says ‘this who who I really am.’

Straight characters will soon be the minority in TV shows altogether if this trend keeps on going.