New York Still Struggling to Deal With the Influx of Illegal Immigrants

Saying the left failed at addressing the growing issue of illegal immigration is an understatement. Despite funneling tens of thousands of illegal aliens into large cities, they now don’t know what to do with them.

A good example is New York. It is one of the few self-proclaimed sanctuary cities that a large portion of the immigrants were sent to, only for the city to not have the funds to deal with the situation.

“Sanctuary city?” Yeah, right

Most recently, New York applied for $350 million in funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, but Joe’s overspending seems to have put a dent in their wallet. They offered Adams only $30 million instead.

Because of this, New York City’s failed mayor decided to take action against the thousands of immigrants sheltering on the city’s streets; he’s going to do it in the worst way possible.

He went on to criticize FEMA for their poor response to the crisis in New York, claiming the $30 million offered would never be able to cover the costs of sheltering, feeding, and offering support to more than 60k illegal immigrants seeking asylum in the US.

Adams then showed just how detached from reality he really is, revealing his plan is to work with suburban areas around New York to find shelter for the immigrants.

It’s almost as if he hadn’t seen what happened to similar areas in border states where the immigrants first came.

$4.2 billion to be spent

However, with more than 60k camping out on the city’s streets and overcrowded shelters, sending 300 men to two hotels in Orangeburg and Orange Lake probably isn’t going to cut it.

On top of that, sending a bunch of people to a location that can’t possibly meet all of their needs is far from something one could call a solution, especially from a city that constantly claims to be a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

Adams even went as far as claiming Biden’s policies are what turned New York into a disastrous mess. Now, it’s been estimated that by mid-2024, the city will have spent well over $4.2 billion on housing and feeding the illegal aliens.

Unfortunately, things are only going to get worse from here on out. Title 42 is coming to an end on May 11th, meaning hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants will flow into the US.

No amount of hotels surrounding New York is enough to house all of these people. Adams is completely out of line for forcing the issue he couldn’t deal with on smaller, local governments around NYC.