NFL Legend John Madden Suddenly Dies

NFL legend John Madden has just passed away at the age of 85 years old. Madden was a former NFL player.

However, he was more notable for his legendary coaching career where he had the highest winning percentage amongst any other NFL coach with a .759 winning percentage of at least 100 games under their belt.

One of Madden’s biggest highlights of his career was when he won the Super Bowl in 1977 with the Oakland Raiders. Madden’s total career record was 103-32-7 and he is considered one of the best coaches to ever step on the field.

More on Madden’s Prolific Career

Madden was not only was a legendary coach, but as a football analyst, Madden received over 16 Emmy awards during his lifetime. Younger generations know Madden from the EA Sports NFL video game called “Madden.”

In 1984, the founder of EA Sports contacted John Madden to help create the realist football game as possible. Madden helped do voiceovers, and directed programmers on what plays and features should be included in the game.

Since 1984, Madden football has been one of the top selling football games of all time. Madden was overall a loveable guy with a big personality. He tended to stay out of politics and just lived and breathed football.

As of right now, there is no information on what led to his death, but at the age of 85, it can be said Madden lived a long beautiful life and made a difference in this world. His colorful commentary may seem like he was just doing his job, but to John Madden, football was life.

NFL Currently Facing Big Challenges

Earlier in the year, the NFL forced players to be vaccinated; if players refused, they would have to follow strict protocols. Vaccinated players had no restrictions whatsoever, but unvaccinated players had to wear masks.

When they were not suited up at the team’s facility, they couldn’t travel on the team’s planes or even work out at the same time as vaccinated players. Unvaccinated football players also were not allowed to leave their hotel rooms during away games either.

NFL players who are unvaccinated also have to wear colorful bracelets that let other players know they are unvaccinated. So, essentially, the NFL is treating unvaccinated players as if they are untouchables.

It appears the NFL’s extreme policy didn’t work at all, because now, there are several reports that show 106 players who are on the COVID-19 reserve; out of the 106, a good amount are vaccinated.

The NFL is a clear example on how the COVID-19 vaccine cannot prevent a person from getting the virus. At this time, nobody on air is saying vaccines can prevent COVID-19.

They are backtracking and saying they prevent a person from getting sicker from COVID-19.