NIH Reportedly Used $100 Million in Taxpayer Funds to Torture Monkeys With Acid

The NIH has now been accused of using over $100 million worth of taxpayer funds to conduct sadistic experiments involving acid, along with toy snakes and faux spiders. The news breaks just a day after it was discovered Dr. Fauci approved funding which involved beagles being eaten alive by sand flies.

According to the Daily Mail, the watchdog group White Coat Waste Project (WCW) says the NIH conducted strange psychological experiments involving monkeys; this happened in 2019 and billed taxpayers close to $100 million.

Videos of the tests have surfaced. The videos show fearful monkeys locked up in tiny cages before scientists then proceeded to scare them. Things got worse, though; the scientists went on to remove parts of the monkeys’ brains or pour acid on the primates’ brains in order to increase the monkeys’ fear.

More Details About the Cruel Experiments

Most of the sick experiments occurred at the National Institute of Mental Health located in Bethesda, Maryland. The monkeys at NIMH would then undergo surgeries that required their skulls being drilled in order for scientists to implant electrodes into their brains.

Scientists also injected toxins into the monkeys’ brains that would cause them to be fearful and lose control of their body parts.

Animal activists believe the NIH has broken federal law, due to the fact they have not disclosed how much they spent on the projects; nor have they shared any information on what the projects are actually trying to discover.

‘#FauciLiedDogsDied’ Trends on Twitter

Dr. Tony Fauci has been rightfully receiving major backlash on Twitter after White Coat Waste Project exposed the NIAID director for approving funds for labs that were torturing helpless beagle puppies.

The studies conducted on the beagles occurred in Tunisia; they consisted of mesh nets being placed around the beagles’ heads and then hungry, disease-infected sand flies would eat the helpless dogs alive.

Most of the dogs in the experiments had their vocal cords cut out, being their screams of horror were too much for the scientists to handle. After finding out about the horrors funded by the NIH, the hashtag #FauciLiedDogsDied started to trend on Twitter.

A group of bipartisan lawmakers are now demanding Fauci to answer questions regarding his approval to spend taxpayers dollars on experiments which involved beagle dogs’ faces being eaten alive.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis also commented on the experiments. DeSantis called for Fauci to be fired for approving grants to the EcoHealth Alliance for gain-of-function research and for torturing beagles.

The NIH hasn’t just been funding experiments on animals, either. A watchdog organization was able to obtain documents through the Freedom of Information Act. These are documents which revealed the NIH funded projects that involved doctors harvesting aborted babies organs.