Nine More Boxes of Documents Seized from Biden’s Attorney’s Office

Once again, the National Archives reported that they’ve obtained a significant amount of documentation from Biden, this time from the office of one of his personal attorneys in Boston.

A letter was sent out to a couple of Republican senators outlining Biden’s handling of this sensitive documentation, as well as how it made its way into the president’s former office in early November last year.

Just how much documentation has Biden been taking home?

Acting Archivist Debra Steidel Wall explained that Biden’s counsel began reviewing the documentation in early October 2022.

This is much earlier than we’d previously been informed, after which they’d decided to move some of the boxes to a Boston office.

It remains unclear whether there’s any classified documentation among the records found in the office, as their contents are yet to be examined.

The senators who received the letter regarding the newfound documentation are Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson. They previously called on Wall to release any known information about the documents discovered at Biden’s home and offices.

This controversy has been going on for quite some time now, starting with the moment Biden’s team of attorneys found ten classified records stashed at the Penn Biden Center, which was hidden from the general public until CBS published the story.

A series of other documents were also found in the garage of the president’s Wilmington home, raising numerous questions regarding what Biden was planning to do with all that documentation. Some of it dates back to his time as vice president.

“Stray papers”

Organized FBI searches at several locations, including Biden’s beach house in Delaware, discovered even more material that may be of interest to investigators as this story unfolds.

Despite it being clear that no one but Biden knows exactly why these documents were found in these places, his team of attorneys has continuously argued they’re cooperating with the National Archives and the Justice Department in their investigation.

While documents of similar nature have been found in former presidents’ homes as well, most notably Trump’s, the issue lies in the fact that Biden’s probably going to get away with this scot-free; whereas, Trump’s reputation took a major hit after the documents were discovered.

Somehow, the documents found at Biden’s home and offices still haven’t been fully investigated. All reports claim their contents remained a mystery, even now, four months after they’ve been initially discovered.

According to Biden, the materials found at the Penn Biden Center and his garage were nothing more than “stray paper,” even though ten files were labeled as classified.

There’s no telling what direction this story will take. All we can do is sit back and watch it unfold, hoping that Biden gets his just desserts in the end.