No One Wants to Serve in Biden’s Woke Military

With the recruitment numbers for the Air Force hitting record lows, the service believes they might miss their goals for the year 2023. Declining interest is the main cause of the current projections.

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall explained the predictions for 2023 suggest the amount of active Air Force members will be down by at least 10%. These numbers are even higher for the Guard and the Reserve.

Air Force won’t be meeting recruitment goals this year

According to Kendall, the current state of affairs is akin to swimming upstream.

This is referring to the service’s intent to serve the nation all across the board, all of it caused by low interest and a never-before-seen limited supply of candidates that actually qualify for the service.

Even last year, the service just barely made its recruitment goals, whereas the Army saw a massive plunge in recruitment rates as well. Finding recruits who fit the physical and mental requirements has proven to be a losing battle.

This year’s goal was recruiting 26,800 new airmen to the service, which is 700 more than last year’s.

The reasoning is that last year’s entry standards were lowered across all branches of the service, including the physical capabilities a candidate must demonstrate if they’re to be accepted to the Air Force.

In fact, things are so bad right now that the service is even allowing entry to candidates who test positive for THC, so long as they’re willing to wait a month to re-enlist and undergo testing once more.

No one wants to be an airman anymore

Retention rates are okay for the time being, but recruitment has never been this low. Considering what the left had done to all of the military branches, it’s no surprise.

No one wants to enlist if they’re forced to adhere to some nonsensical gender-friendly narrative that has no place in the military. We all know the kinds of tantrums these individuals can throw when things don’t go their way.

In a last-ditch attempt to salvage what little he can, Kendall called on the American people to once again review what the numerous branches of the US military have to offer, highlighting the Air Force and Space Force as some of the better options for new recruits.

The US military has a lot to prove, especially as it’s been at the very top of the list when it comes to military prowess among the other forces of the world.

Unfortunately, the candidates are either not up for the task or they’re simply not there, to begin with. This may signal a grim era for all of the branches of the service.

We’ll just have to wait and see if things improve. Although there’s little hope, considering the current state of the military, unless some major changes are introduced to how the branches operate.