‘Nobody’s So Stupid’: Trump Blasts Biden’s Energy Failure

President Trump blasted the current occupant of the White House for his abject failure to defend the energy security of the United States.

Biden’s ‘Ridiculous War’ on American Energy

Trump’s devastating criticism of Sleepy Joe’s energy policies, which are against fossil fuels and supposedly in favor of “green” energy, comes against the backdrop of near-record global oil prices and skyrocketing gasoline prices.

Speaking before a large crowd of supporters at Florence Regional Airport in South Carolina on Saturday night, Trump criticized Sleepy Joe’s handling of the recently introduced US ban on Russian oil and natural gas.

Trump acknowledged “Russia doesn’t work” unless it’s getting foreign revenue from energy exports.

However, he emphasized the US ban on Putin’s energy would have an effect on the aggressive imperialist regime in Moscow only if it is coupled with a boost in America’s domestic oil and gas production.

For that to happen, the United States has got to “end immediately” Biden’s “ridiculous war on US energy,” Trump stated.

“Nobody’s so stupid,” Trump declared with respect to Biden.

He slammed the Democrat for going to ask various dictatorships for oil, while refusing to help the American oil and gas industry produce more.


America’s Big Advantage Over China

Trump blasted Biden for “selling out” those “brave people” in Venezuela and Cuba who have been protesting against the dictatorship dependent on Venezuelan oil export revenues.

Trump stressed in the complete absence of any principle, the Biden administration is now going to Maduro to ask him for oil, striking down the last 15 years in which the United States has been pressuring Venezuela’s rulers against cracking down on civil liberties and human rights.

Trump then concluded the Venezuelan dictator Maduro must consider Americans “the stupidest people on earth.”

On top of that, Venezuelan oil is “very heavy” and “no good”, while US-produced oil is much better for processing, except the Biden administration doesn’t want to aid its production.

Trump furthermore emphasized the US possession of large oil, natural gas, and coal reserves is actually a “big advantage over China.”

The former president also said he was praying with all those present for the “proud people of Ukraine” who are “going through hell” at the moment.

Trump later reminded the crowd no one else has been “tougher on Russia” than him, noting he stopped the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas transit pipeline from Russia to Germany, one of Putin’s most favorite potential cash cows.

In his speech, Trump once again hinted he is going to run for the US presidency once again in 2024, as he declared during that year, “we will take back” the “beautiful White House”.

Trump teased the crowd by saying he was “wondering” who will be the one to do it.