NRA Fires Back at the Overly Woke Prosecutor Standing in Their Way

After AG Letitia James’ “years-long” legal battle to put an end to corruption at the NRA, the association is finally firing back and they’re not firing warning shots.

A few days earlier, the National Rifle Association filed an appeal to the New York Supreme Court, regarding a suit that General Attorney James filed against the Second Amendment group, in which she demanded that it be dissolved.

National Rifle Association’s battle with woke mob’s strongest warriors

However, this time, the NRA is the one not pulling any punches. It’s arguing James misused her power to silence the group, and with it, anyone and everyone looking to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights in the state of New York.

In fact, there are more than a few records of James swearing she will take on the NRA single-handedly long before she’d been elected prosecutor.

NRA’s counsel William Brewer III was interviewed on the matter. He stated it’s painfully obvious that there’s a link between James’ animus toward the association and her highly advertised campaign, which let her reach the position she’s currently in.

It’s also very clear how much damage her work has done to the security of the 2nd Amendment in the state and the sheer amount of smear campaigns against the association that James endorsed is alarming.

The moment she was elected to the office almost five years ago, James took it upon herself to slam the NRA. Even during her campaign, she’d attempted to call the association an organ of deadly propaganda, knowing full well she was one from the very start.

Textbook abuse of power

Unfortunately, James’ remarks didn’t stop there. She had to say just about anything that crossed her mind, regardless of how insensitive and inconsiderate it may have been.

In the comments she’d made during an interview for Ebony Magazine, James labeled the NRA as a terrorist organization.

When interviewed by local media in New York, she called it a “criminal enterprise,” even though New York’s gun laws are fairly liberal in nature, at least in recent years.

Fortunately, none of her early comments would get as much attention as her 2020 attempt at dissolving the association, mainly through claims of corruption from within the NRA itself.

This couldn’t be proven or at least supported with enough evidence to warrant a corporate “death penalty” for the association.

Despite this, the judge did allow James to file a suit against some of the association’s leading officials. This is including Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s CEO, who she accused of years’ worth of illegal self-dealing, which he supposedly used to support a lavish lifestyle.

Thankfully, the NRA is no stranger to conflict. They argued that James’ attempts at dissolution and the fact they weren’t shut down from the get-go are a testament to how easy it is for state officials to abuse their power.

This way, just about any non-profit on US soil could be destroyed within seconds, so long as their opinions don’t align with those of the woke government officials.