NSA Releases Statement on Tucker’s Claim Agency was Spying on Him

The NSA has just released a statement regarding Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s claims that the NSA spied on him in an attempt to take his show off the air.

The NSA’s rare public statement denied Tucker’s confirmed report; the statement also went on record to say that Tucker Carlson has never been an intelligence target for the agency.

The second paragraph of the NSA’s statement raised eyebrows due to the fact of them stating that the NSA may not target U.S. citizens for surveillance unless there’s a “limited exception”. The statement by the NSA made many people wonder how many “limited exceptions” there are.

The response by the NSA was not well received by most Twitter users; several people tweeted out their distrust towards the agency that has spied on law-abiding citizens before. One user tweeted out ‘we all know how trustworthy the NSA is SMH’. Another touted they believe Tucker more than the NSA.

The response ultimately never denied that they were spying on Tucker, rather they said he was never a target.

Tucker Responds To The NSA’s statement

Tucker, on his show last night, expressed how the mainstream media has been taking his claims very lightly. He then proceeded to blast the NSA’s statement that declared he was never a target of the NSA; Tucker called it an entire paragraph of lies that was completely dishonest.

He then pointed out that the question was never whether or not he was a target of the NSA; rather, the question was ‘did the NSA/ Biden administration read his emails’?

White House Press Secretary Responds To Tucker’s Bombshell Report:

Carlson also called out the Biden administration for being relatively silent on bombshell report of the NSA spying on him.

The only person to comment on the story was White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. When Psaki was about to board Air Force One, a reporter asked Psaki if the NSA has been spying on Tucker Carlson.

Psaki responded by not denying the claims, but rather just gave the reporter a vague answer that explained how the NSA focuses on foreign threats. Psaki then asked the reporter to contact the NSA for further questions.

Fox News’ Silence On The Story

In one of the biggest stories that have hit the news in the last month, Fox News has been relatively quiet on Tucker’s confirmed report the NSA has been spying on him. Tucker’s show gets the highest ratings on the news network and it’s not even close. So, when their best tv personality is under attack by the NSA, Fox’s go-to move is silence.

Fox News recently finished behind Newsmax in the news ratings, due to the fact the news network decided not to cover Trump’s Ohio rally at all and Newsmax did.

Imagine that! Trump’s first rally since January 6th and you decide to not even report it. Fox News ratings will continue to plunge if they continue to be silent on major events.