NYC Set To Allow Non Citizens To Vote In Elections

The days of new York City being the best city in America are long gone. A bill that is set to be approved in New York City will allow close to 800,000 non-US citizens to vote  in local elections. The bill states that non-US citizens can cast a vote for City Council candidates, mayors, and other small local government offices.

The bill however doesn’t allow non-citizens to vote for the President or elected officials for Congress however if this new bill in NYC gets passed it will set a major precedent that will lead the way for non-citizens to vote for Presidential candidate and Senators/ Representatives.

More Details On The Story

According to Fox 5 News, Mayor Bill de Blasio stated he will not veto the bill and members of New York City’s City Council is bound to pass because if they don’t they will be called racists and we all know how the left fear’s the “r” word.

Supporters of the new bill say it will allow non-citizens who wish to keep their countries citizenship a voice on what goes on in NYC. The new bill will also allow illegal immigrants to cast votes for the first time too.

New York City would not be the first city to allow non-citizens to vote. As of right now the state of Maryland has town cities/towns that allow non-citizens to vote whereas the state of Vermont already has two also.

San Francisco currently allow non-citizens to vote for school board elected officials and NYC used to do the same until they get rid of their school board in 2002 and gave power over schools to the mayor.

Some States Are Doing The Exact Opposite

The state of Alabama has created laws that prevents non-citizens to vote in any way possible. Their not the only state though, Colorado, Florida Arizona and North Dakota all have rules that prevents non-citizens from voting in any kind of elections.

Many lawmakers believe New York’s move is unconstitutional but those two favor New York’s new bill say it is Constitutional for state’s to set guidelines for elections within their own state in local elections.

Allowing non-citizens to vote would be a major knock to those who have gone through the long strenuous process of becoming a US citizen who had to decide that they would officially become an American. If you go around the world, the idea of a non-citizen voting in an election is almost laughable.

Imagine an American going to the Middles East or Asia and saying I want to vote in your elections I have been an expat here for 15 years, they would look at you as if you are nuts. Liberals don’t have enough votes so they have to find new votes from somewhere.