NYPD Heroically Removes Swarm of Bees From Restaurant

"Bee" by Nature Boy

A New York restaurant has had a lot of buzz surrounding it lately.

Although this time, it’s got nothing to do with Yelp reviews, as a smaller swarm of bees had decided to make the fine dining location their new home.

Fortunately, the city’s police department is equipped with a specialized Bee Unit. When they were called to the scene around noon on Sunday, they dealt with the situation in a timely and professional manner.

“North Brooklyn Farm” by FarmersGov

2,000+ bees removed by professional beekeeper

On their Twitter account, the NYPD announced the operation had been a massive success.

As it turns out, our little black and yellow striped friends will be relocated to somewhere their honey crafting skills can be put to good use.

It’s still unclear where exactly the bees had been moved. Although it doesn’t really matter so long as they weren’t disposed of off improperly, as they’re responsible for the pollination of over 90% of all flowering plants.

If anything, the NYPD’s Bee Unit’s skills are to be applauded.

This was but one in a series of similar happenings in the city, with the unit responding to a bee removal call at the World Trade Center earlier this month, successfully relocating 8,000 bees to a more suitable area.

The actual location remains undisclosed, but the NYPD did state they will be moving them to an apple orchard in the area.

NYPD Bee Unit unBEElievably busy this month

As for the visitors to the restaurant, no injuries were reported.

This is to be expected, considering that only two million American adults are actually allergic to the sting of these hardworking insects; only 3% of children exhibit an allergic reaction when stung.

However, those present at the time were awestruck by the beekeeper’s calmness during the entire removal process.

Some of them even applauded the man who kept calm while nearly 2,000 stingers buzzed around his head and body.

Fortunately, these busybodies don’t exactly have it in their best interest to sting a human or anything, for that matter. Performing this selfless act for the sake of the swarm promptly ends the bee’s life.

A similar situation happened in July last year when a massive swarm of 25,000 bees decided to make a pit stop at Times Square, likely due to the intense heat. After this, they were dealt with by the specialized bee unit.

Many Twitter users, on the other hand, were not happy with the way the NYPD handled the situation.

Some of them even called it reckless, albeit with more than a dozen spelling errors and a huge lack of understanding of the profession.

What’s more, bees are known to be calmer when migrating, especially during hot summer days. Considering their massive contribution to the world’s flora, we should be thankful there are units that are willing to safely relocate these wonderful creatures.